Buying Plants-sources of supply.

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Nowadays garden centres are the main source of supply.

It is easy to understand why with their neat rows and extensive range of plants.

But often quality and price are not inclusive.

Where money is short there are cheaper ways to buy popular and rare plants.

. Garden centres....

. Advantages-  You can see exactly what you are buying and usually take it away with you.

At larger centres specialist help is available.

. Drawbacks-  Varieties are usually the most popular variants are out of town and you need transport to visit or bring your plants home.

If you need to take your plant back you normally need proof of purchase.


. Bargain Offer Nursey.....

Usually advertised in newspapers or magazines promise good value but dont expect too much.

Dont get blinded by "wonder offers" or phrases like "everlasting blooms" as they rarely live up to the hype.

. Advantages-  Can be an inexpensive way to source old favourites.

. Drawbacks-   Plants that are truly cheap there is always a reason.

You may recieve rooted cuttings which take time to establish or substandard stock with little value.

You can complain if the plants are diseased or damaged but not if you expected larger fully grown plants and you may not get a refund.


. Mail Order Nursery.....

Are still a valuable source of supply.

But you must choose one with a good reputation before purchasing.

. Advantages-   Often they have an extensive plant catalogue from which you can choose at your leisure.

Some specialise in particular varieties such as roses.

. Drawbacks-  Some varieties may be out of stock and container grown are usually more expensive.


. DIY Outlets.........

. Advantages-  These days usually provide a good variety of garden plants .

. Drawbacks-  Standard varies from store to store.

And you again need transport to and from the store.



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