Buying Property in Bulgaria

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To legally own a house (NOT an apartment) in Bulgaria you MUST form a limited company in Bulgaria, which then owns the land the house is built on. Forming a company can only be done IN PERSON in Bulgaria, and costs several hundred Leva. 
It is possible to buy an existing company, and therefore the property, but there are a number of questions you MUST ask the vendor.
1)When was the company formed?       (If before APRIL 2008 be VERY CAREFUL, and ask the following questions:
2)Has the company been registered with the Bulgarian Trade Registry SINCE APRIL 2008?     (If NOT walk away NOW) 
3)Have all TAX RETURNS and COMPANY STATEMENTS been submitted and fees paid?  (If NOT walk away NOW)
3)Have all MUNICIPAL TAXES been paid?                                                                            (If NOT walk away NOW)
4)Have all UTILITY bills (leccy, water, phone) been paid?                                                         (If NOT walk away NOW)
5)Are there any VEHICLES registered in the company name, and are they part of the sale?
6)Does the vendor have the ORIGINAL, NOTARISED, company deeds and Skitza (property plan)?
7)Is the property built on REGULATED LAND?

The Bulgarian Trade Registry was formed in 2008, all companies formed since then are automatically registered. Companies formed before that date must have been re-registered with the BTR by the owners before December 2011. The BTR plan to WIND UP and MAKE BANKRUPT all companies which have not been re-registered, the companies will LOSE the properties which they own. They will also have BANK ACCOUNTS FROZEN, and company registered VEHICLES SEIZED.
Tax returns must be submitted by the end of March, for the preceding full year, and Company Statements submitted  by the end of June. There are huge fines for not submitting these documents, payable by the COMPANY. Buy the company, you buy the fines.
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