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Baofeng radios

these radios are getting very popular but there are a few scammers here on ebay who will rip you off either with a fake radio or a knock off version.

baofeng radios are two radio vhf and uhf radios which as standard cover 136 to 174 mhz and 400 to 470 mhz and DO NOT cover any other range unless otherwise stated officially by baofeng on their website which i would recommend going to and reading what models they have released as people claim they have other models when they dont.
the uv5r model has the following versions 
uv5r a and uv5r c 
they are no other  versions of the radio if they have officially released this then check the baofeng website 
baofeng also own pofung which you can check on the website.
also those who try and charge more than £25 for a uv5r is a con they are not worth more than this amount if you see this then report the seller.
as a licensed amateur radio operator and experienced in radio for over 25 years i know about radio what they can do and how they operate so dont get scammed get in touch and i will help!

another thing that is annoying me on ebay is that people are falling for baofeng uv5r or similar to be classed as "pmr 446 radio" which they are NOT 
these radios are designed for professional business use and amateur radio use they cannot be LEGALLY used on pmr 446 as they have too much power in the uk pmr 446 radios aka walkie talkies as they get advertised on here are 0.500mw legal power have antennas they cannot be removed and are small made by binatone cobra intek etc NOT baofeng or other chinese brands.

if in doubt research but do not take notice of some online forums as they will tell you to buy them and use them on pmr or other frequencies without a license these radios can transmit on marine band which could cause a danger to life if in the wrong hands you can get into serious trouble for transmitting illegally on any frequencies your not licensed to use so dont buy a baofeng pofung tyt or other branded radios unless you know what your doing are licensed as the extra "power" does not make a difference no matter what people tell you 

if you would like more advice please feel free to get in touch 
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