Buying Rechargeable AA Batteries Online

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Buying Rechargeable AA Batteries Online

Rechargeable AA batteries offer many benefits over their disposable counterparts. They are convenient, offer better performance, save money, and are better for the environment than disposable batteries. Because rechargeable batteries can be used hundreds of times before beginning to lose charge, users do not have to worry about running to the store to replace dead batteries. Additionally, fewer dead batteries end up being tossed into the rubbish. Users save money with rechargeable batteries in the long run because they only need to buy a single set of batteries and a charger rather than hundreds of sets of batteries. Shopping online at sites like eBay for rechargeable batteries is a convenient way to find the best deals. Before buying rechargeable AA batteries, shoppers should learn about the different types of rechargeable AA batteries, choose the best charger for their needs, then evaluate the different options for each type and brand.

Select the Type of Rechargeable AA Batteries

Not all rechargeable AA batteries are the same. When shopping for rechargeable batteries online, users can find that there are several types of batteries available. The various types of batteries differ in the materials used to make them, the power capacity, lifespan, and price. Before selecting a set of rechargeable AA batteries, shoppers should learn the differences and benefits of the different types. The three most common types of rechargeable AA batteries available for consumers are Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-Metal Hydride, and Lithium-Ion.


Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries were the first rechargeable batteries available for consumer use. These types of batteries can be used in low-discharge and moderate-discharge devices, such as remote controls, handheld radios, scanners, and cordless phones. Technology has improved since these types of batteries were first introduced, with newer batteries able to hold a charge for a lot longer. Because NiCd batteries are the older technology, shoppers can often pick them up for cheaper than other types. Those who might not need rechargeable batteries for heavy duty use still find these types of batteries effective.

Nickel-Metal Hydride

Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries use newer technology than the NiCd batteries. They offer two or three times the capacity that NiCd batteries do. In addition to the increased capacity, there are many other benefits that NiMH batteries have over NiCd batteries. NiMH batteries are made from non-hazardous materials that can be recycled and the batteries are not affected by the memory effect that plagues many rechargeable batteries. NiCd batteries must be disposed of at an approved recycling centre because of the toxic materials used to make them. NiMH batteries do not use these same materials, so they are considered safer for the home and the environment. The cost of NiMH batteries is slightly higher than NiCd batteries, but the benefits are often enough to justify the price difference.

Lithium Ion

Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries have even more power capacity than NiMH batteries. The increased power allows them to have a longer lifespan and they can be used with high-discharge devices. Additionally, they are not affected by the memory effect, which means that they can be recharged multiple times without losing power over time. The cost of Lithium ion batteries is significantly more than the other types of batteries, so shoppers have to evaluate their battery usage to determine if they are worth the investment.

Memory Effect

The memory effect is a phenomenon whereby rechargeable batteries lose their maximum charge over time. In the past, consumers were advised to let the batteries completely drain before recharging. Those who charged their batteries before the batteries were completely drained found that the batteries ended up lasting half as long. NiMH and Lithium Ion batteries are not affected by the memory effect as much as other types of rechargeable batteries. While it is still best to let them run down before charging them, users can recharge NiHM and Lithium Ion batteries multiple times without seeing a significant decrease in lifespan.

Choose a Battery Charger

Sometimes a battery charger is sold along with the rechargeable batteries and other times it needs to be purchased separately. Those who use their rechargeable batteries often might find that they need to purchase a more durable charger or one that offers additional features. In any case, shoppers should look for chargers that can accommodate multiple batteries at a time rather than just one or two. The table below describes the three most common types of chargers that shoppers should consider.

Type of Charger



Designed to charge a single size battery; often sold as a package deal with batteries included


Designed to charge several sizes of batteries; very versatile; eliminates the need for multiple chargers

Brand Specific

Can only charge a specific brand of battery; very limited use; offers better performance because manufacturer of the batteries and the charger is the same

Rapid Charger

Charges batteries in a shorter amount of time; only works with certain types of batteries

When choosing a charger, a shopper should evaluate the types of rechargeable batteries that they plan to use. If a person would like the option to charge other types of batteries in addition to their AA batteries, then a multi-type charger is the best option. However, if the shopper is loyal to a specific brand, then choosing a brand specific charger that was specially designed for batteries of one brand may be the best option.

Auto Shut-Off

Leaving batteries on a charger too long can damage the batteries and even be dangerous. Rechargeable batteries can overheat or even explode if they are left charging for too long. Shoppers should look for a charger that has an auto shut-off feature. This ensures that the charger turns itself off once the batteries are fully charged. They might also have an indicator light to show that the batteries have completed the charge cycle.

Considerations When Shopping Online

When shopping for rechargeable AA batteries online, shoppers have time to evaluate different options and take time while comparing different features. Additionally, shoppers can find better deals on batteries and choose between new or used rechargeable batteries and chargers. Other factors that shoppers should take into consideration when shopping online are brand, power capacity, and quantity.

New vs. Used

When shopping for rechargeable batteries online, shoppers are often looking for the best deals. They may also look for used rechargeable batteries as a way to save money on the investment. Shoppers should exercise caution when purchasing used batteries online. Often the price difference does not justify the difference in quality. This is especially true with NiCd batteries. If the previous owner did not use or charge them correctly, then they may not hold much of a charge and not work as intended. Additionally, there is no way to know for sure if the batteries have suffered damage from improper storage or charging. Unless there is a huge price difference between the new and used batteries, shoppers should look for new rechargeable batteries that meet their needs.


When it comes to rechargeable batteries there is not much of a difference between name brand and generic batteries. They are made from the same materials and have a comparable performance. There is a slight difference in the power capacities of different brands of batteries. For this reason, many manufacturers warn users against mixing different brands of batteries for operation. If shoppers are looking for AA batteries to be used in conjunction with batteries that they already have, then they should look for batteries that are made from the same brand. Otherwise there is not enough of a difference between the brands to make one brand better than another.

Battery Power

The power of a battery is represented by milliamp hours or mAh. The higher the mAh rating for the battery is, the higher the battery performs. The mAh rating is the factor that determines how expensive or inexpensive the batteries are. The table below shows the differences between the capacities of the different types of rechargeable batteries.

Battery Type


Price Comparison


600-1000 mAh

Least Expensive


800-2700 mAh



2700-3400 mAh

Most Expensive

The capacity for Lithium-ion batteries is significantly larger than the other types of batteries. Because they are so powerful, it is important for shoppers to be sure that these batteries do not exceed the maximum power rating for the device. While NiCd and NiMH can be used for most devices, Li-ion batteries are reserved for more powerful devices, like digital cameras.


As with any other items, buying in bulk often reduces the overall cost of the rechargeable batteries. Shoppers should evaluate the number of batteries that they need and then buy a good supply. The more batteries that users have to interchange, the longer they last. If the same four batteries are used and recharged over and over again, then their lifespan is shortened. If users have eight total batteries, then they can alternate which set of batteries is being used and extend the life of the batteries.

Shopping for Rechargeable AA Batteries on eBay

eBay is an online marketplace that brings people from all over the UK together to buy and sell rechargeable AA batteries in one convenient location. You can find the best deals on both new and used batteries and chargers there. In order to get the most for your money, you may need to know how to effectively search for the batteries you are looking for and how to select a seller to buy from.

Search for Rechargeable AA Batteries

A simple search for ‘rechargeable AA batteries&’ return thousands of results to you very quickly. You can search all of eBay or select a specific category to narrow your search to. Multipurpose Batteries and Power provides a large selection of products. 

 delivers all of the batteries that are currently listed. To further reduce the number of listings to sort through, select other options such as brand, quantity, and chemical composition.

Select a Seller

If you have narrowed your selections down to several listings, then make your final decision based on the seller. Within each listing you are able to view the seller’s feedback rating to see the type of service he has provided to previous buyers. The total number of transactions as well as the percentage of positive transactions are prominently displayed. Furthermore, you can narrow your search to only show Top-Rated Sellers or those who have a solid reputation for quality service.


While rechargeable AA batteries often require a larger investment than disposable batteries, the benefits far offset the price difference. Rechargeable AA batteries offer better performance than disposables, are better for the environment, are convenient, and have a lower cost in the long run. Rather than having to invest in hundreds of disposable batteries, shoppers can invest in one set of rechargeable AA batteries for the same purposes. These batteries can be used and recharged hundreds of times before needing to be replaced. Once they have died, rechargeable batteries can be recycled instead of being thrown out with the rubbish. Additionally, users do not have to worry about batteries dying and needing to be replaced at inopportune times. In a short amount of time, the batteries can be recharged and are ready to be used again. Not all AA batteries are the same, so a little bit of research is necessary before investing in the right set. Shoppers must evaluate the different types of batteries and chargers, then compare the different features prior to purchase. When shopping for rechargeable AA batteries, shoppers can find that they receive the best deals while shopping online at sites like eBay.

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