Buying Refurbished Mobile Phone Handsets

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Refurbished or not refurbished - That is the Question?

We hold up to 35,000 handsets at any one time, these range from new, with grades all the way down to faulty damaged handsets and so know what we are doing when it comes to buying and selling refurbished mobile phones.
We wrote this guide to give you some basic advice what to look for - Hope it helps!

OEM Refurbishment - The Gold Standard!
OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" and basically means the handset has been refurbished to the original manufacturers exacting standards. Apple / Samsung etc. have visited the premises and passed all technicians that will handle refurbishment of their product for resale to their own very high required standard. This is the ONLY quality in refurbishment you should look for. Anything else is just some guy in a dark room with a soldering iron!

If your reseller/ refurbish technician is worth his salt, they will back up any refurbishment with a warranty. Why would they not??

Grade of Refurbishment
This is the one thing that makes us chuckle to ourselves every time! in our opinion their is no such thing. Why? Simple for two basic reasons....

Firstly, its Subjective depending on if you are buying or selling and is the number one cause of negative feedback on eBay for refurbished phones.....
Anyone who wants to get the best price for what they are selling is going to upsell it to you aren't they? I don't know many successful retailers that describe how bad their product is. As a buyer your expectations are high because you have just parted money for something and you want the best possible product for your money. More often than not, the seller has oversold it to you and disappointment often follows. "If its too good to be true, it often is" or "You get what you pay for" often comes to mind.

Secondly, there is NO universal standard grading system, A, B or C for that matter....
What does grade A actually mean??? Well as a seller, whatever you want it to mean I suppose. We often see and hear, as the seller wants more money for their product, a well used handset can find its way to being called grade A when it should be more like a poor Grade B. To avoid this we only describe the handset to you in detail. As there is no uniform standard in the industry, its just a subjective guideline often over-exaggerated by unscrupulous sellers, beware to not get your hopes up particularly if there is no returns or warranty policy from the seller....

Accessories and Original Boxes
We think this is not so important and we tell you why....
Once you have opened the box and started to use the phone, who ever uses the box again???
Also, many of the handsets we get stock of, don't come with original boxes and accessories to guarantee we as resellers cant pass them off as new product. This comes direct from the manufacturer, Doesn't make them an inferior product!

We hope this helps. if you need any further information drop us a message and don't forget to check out our comprehensive stock of OEM refurbished, well described, warranty provided mobile phone handsets :-)

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