Buying Salon furniture

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Buying Salon Furniture

Salon Furniture Purchasing can be the most important decision you make on ebay when designing or remodelling your salon.Below are 6 steps which should help you furnish your salon successfully.

1.Plan ahead-begin looking on ebay as far ahead as possible to ensure your goods are well recieved and are what you are looking for.Allow for unexpected delays,its a good idea to schedule your opening 30 days AFTER your expected opening date.

2.See for yourself-If possible visit the showroom you are buying from or at least purchase 1 item off ebay from the seller and evaluate its quality and suitability before spending a lot of money on multiple items.Are they close to hand? Do they show a commitment to your success after the sale?

3.Other costs-There are other costs associated with buying furniture on ebay or online-delivery costs,is Vat added before or end of sale? is there a warranty with the goods? etc.Make sure you find out details from your seller so you are clear.

4.Service-Buy your more elaborate furniture that requires servicing from a seller that is willing to back up the sale by a servicing contract.

5.Check Feedback-This is an important part of ebay,it is an honest record of your potential suppliers past performance,it is good to check back on the sellers feedback for items you are thinking of purchasing to get a good feel for the item and its suitability for your own use.

6.Quality-Quality drives return of investment,remember when deciding what to purchase that Quality of Salon = Quality of Stylists = Quality of Clients = Quality of Income.

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