Buying School Stationery Kits for Young Children

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The time to go back to school rolls around every year, and parents must find all the supplies their children need. Deciding what they need often depends on the age of the children and the specific requests of teachers. School stationery kits come with a variety of supplies to make shopping much more convenient, but parents still have to find kits with the specific items their kids need. Buying a stationery kit rather than purchasing individual pieces saves time and ensures parents remember all the important items.

Talk to the School and the Teacher

Rather than guess which supplies kids need, talk to the school and the teacher. Some schools mail out lists of supplies, but it is still a good idea to speak with a child's teacher for helpful insight on equipment children need. For example, an item like a pencil case may not be a requirement, but it certainly makes it easier for a child to organise writing utensils. Children who get daily play breaks may want to have stickers and other fun items on hand.

Look for the Necessities

Certain obvious supplies need to go into stationery kits. Several types of writing utensils are usually necessary. Children need pencils to do their schoolwork and pencil sharpeners to keep their pencils sharp. Extra erasers are helpful, as well. Some teachers may also require kids to have a few pens on hand and possibly a set of markers or highlighters.

Include a Few Helpful Tools

Tools are an important part of education for young children. They learn more than just maths and grammar during the day. They also need to learn how to tell time and measure items. Look for a school stationery set that includes a ruler or tape measure. Although kits probably do not include watches, consider purchasing one to help a child practice telling the time. Speak to the teacher about whether or not the child can use a calculator. Many schools do not allow children to use them until they master specific skills on their own.

Add Some Fun Stuff

Despite what some children think, school does not have to be boring. Keep it fun by giving them a fun stationery set they can enjoy. For example, some kits include themed products related to specific characters. A little girl may enjoy a Hello Kitty kit, while a young boy may love an Angry Birds kit with all his favourite characters.

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