Buying Second Consoles and Games for Christmas

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This is to help people still struggling through the recession to survive Christmas without going out of pocket too much. If you have bought a second hand console from a friend or online then you will need a box which will be easy to find online on the likes of eBay. Try to get one which is up for bids to try and get the cheapest and has everything included e.g. Manuals & inner trays. When your box arrives just follow these steps: (1) Clean console and remote, take remote get round the buttons with a cloth or an ear bud. (2) Give the wires a rub down with a cloth and if you have any plastic wire holders use them to make it look new. (3) turn on the console and go to settings and delete anything that may have been created by previous owner. (4) Go into settings and delete any information that the previous owner had. (5) If you have bought any games second hand put the game into the console and select it on the screen, there might have been games saved from the previous owner so delete them. (6) Put it inside its brand new box and wrap it up with a bow :D There you have it, absolutely brand new console and games!!!!! BUT... If you think that your kid will know that the game is second hand then just trick them by putting the game in the console before you turn it off and wrap it and tell them that theres another surprise inside it for them and to turn it on. Hopefully this helps with anyone deciding to buy a console for someone this Christmas the sensible way :)
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