Buying Second Hand Bay Annabell

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I have twins and thought i would be able to get 2 for the price of one this year by buying second hand baby Annabell, this would probably worked out fine if i had realised (i knew nothing about Baby Annabell) that the accessories were so specific to each doll.
I am now frantically bidding against other mums for the few bottles etc that are specific to Annabell 2.
So just thought i would pass on my experience either:
Buy the doll with accessories or
Buy the new Baby Annabell as it costs just as much to buy the old doll and then the accessories!
Hope this saves some other mum from this annoying situation!
Only 3 days to wait before the next bottle for Baby Annabell 2 is up for auction AHHHHHHHHH!
Best wishes,
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