Buying / Selling Overseas on Ebay

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I currently sell about 40% of my items to buyers from overseas (mainly USA, Canada and  the Netherlands but also as far afield as Malaysia and Japan!).  From my experiences, and the occasional difficulty, I have prepared the following guide:

For Sellers

  • If you don't want to send a certain item (or any item) abroad alter your preferences to block bidders from outside the UK.
  • Ask all overseas buyers to pay with Paypal only.  Ever so many Money Orders / Checks are not valid in this country.
  • Please remember that your buyer may not speak / write the same language aas yourself.
  • Your buyer may be confused about the difference in currency. If they are paying by Paypal, the amount will be automatically converted for them.
  • Don't guess how much it will cost to send your item half way around the Worls.  Weigh your parcel (and packaging) and check it out of the Royal Mail website.
  • Email your buyer to say when the item has been posted and let them know how long it is likely to take to reach them.
  • When sending items beyond 'Europe' you will need to complete and attach a CN22 Customs Declaration giving your name and address, the value of the item and a brief description of the item ('clothing' etc).

For Buyers

  • If the postage charge to your particular country is not listed, check with the seller before bidding.  If that seller is not prepared to ship to your contry, move on to another seller who will.
  • If the listing asks for Paypal payment then that is how you must pay.
  • Please remember that your buyer may not speak / write the same language aas yourself.
  • Remember that the postal charges and bid price will be in the currency of the seller's country.
  • Remember that items can take a long time to reach you.  Items UK to USA can easily take over a week (airmail) and items UK to Asutralia can take over 3 weeks (airmail).
  • Although it is cheaper to send items by surface mail, the timescales are very long - 6 weeks minimum - with an increased likelihood of the items going astray.

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