Buying & Selling Smiths Sectric

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Buying & Selling Smiths / Smith Sectric

This particular range of Smiths wall and mantle clocks was established in about 1937 and is often made of Bakelite, it is particularly of interest to collectors, as this was the first range from Smiths to specifically focus on synchronous clocks hence the name "Sectric" (Synchronous Electric Clock).

If you are buying a Smiths Sectric piece always check to see from about what time in the range you are actually buying from as the exact date is often not clear. A good way to distinguish is to see if in the "Sectric", on the dial, the "t" is exaggerated to create a 'dome'  over the  word, if it is this is an early piece and usually worth slightly more than a piece without it.

If you are selling a Smiths Sectric piece see if you can get a date on the piece, through papers perhaps a receipt or instructions that may have come with the item. If you are selling online  make sure that you make it clear that it is a "Smiths Sectric" piece as that particular range is among the most collectible and sought after by collectors.

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