Buying & Selling on eBay

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Buying on eBay is great fun but over my eBaying time I have noticed that there are many eBayers who are Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Good - there are loads (good sellers) and I hope more than the other two types. These eBayers will go out of their way to help. Deliver goods next day (if possible). Contact customer at different stages to make sure that they are aware of how their order is being processed. Equally there are Good buyers who again will communicate well (ask questions before purchase), leave feedback to indicate they are happy with the product OR inform seller if they are not happy.

Bad - Bad sellers and buyers are mainly the ones who don't take eBay selling/buying in a professional manner. Bad sellers will list their items in a dishonest way and not reply to questions asked about any item. Bad buyers will not pay or complain about the listing (when they haven't taken time to read the listing & ask questions before bidding).

Ugly - BEWARE there are eBay listings out there that are fraudulent. I have seen some 40 odd mobile phones (latest Nokia) selling for ~£150. I decided to reveal the fake eBay seller - I contacted the eBayer to ask if I could collect and pay cash (since they lived near), the reply was no. I then asked if I could pay by PayPal since it was stated on the listing "PayPal accepted" and guess what, they said no. I asked how can I pay then - reply was (via private email not eBay email) Western Union money transfer! All alarm bells started ringing - I then confronted the eBayer and said that I know they are scamming people - guess what no reply (since I also said I was reporting them). To cut a long story short this seller had hijacked a UK eBayer's account and was taking 1,000's of pounds and never supplying anything...I spent some time searching and informing bidders to watch out (bids on similar scams)... Now the UGLY buyer - they will buy and ask for payment to be made to your account. What you should do is ask them to pay by PayPal or send a cheque - unless you know that this is a eBayer with very good record and recent sales (or buys) - only then accept such payment.

Always look at any eBayer's feedback/other items/me page before you bid. By looking at all this you will be able to see if the seller is a good one or not. If they have a eBay store then they should have many recent items and not an empty store. Hope these few tips help.

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