Buying Signed Comics

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The purpose of this guide is a brief safety check before you buy signed comics,

If you are thinking of buying signed comics on ebay,take a few things into acount,there are a lot of fakes about,some not all people who sell signed comics,are in it for the money ,not the comics,

When buying a comic,check the sellers feedback,bad comments id avoid,check the item,does it have a certificate?the best company is dynamic forces,all comics are sealed and with a certificate.

If it doesnt have a certificate i wouldnt buy it,check where the seller lives,if they are selling hundreds of signed comics and they live in yorkshire,are they flying out to america to pick up these comics,agian i doubt it,also price are you really going to get a frank miller comic for 99p,you are buying a worthless comic,that someone has scribbled on,its a sad thing that such people are about but use caution first,are they a decent comics shop,or are they doing this out of there bedroom?askm the seller does it have a certificate,dont beleive them if they go to conventions every week,be safe ebat doesnt care if people sell fake goods,they cant tell wether its a fake or not so use your judgement,has the seller a shop,do they have a proper comic shop,then i would buy from them,do they take returns

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