Buying Sim Free Mobile Phones on eBay

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Why Buy Official Sim Free Mobile Phones?


We all know eBay is a great place to buy cheap mobile phones and it is always a great idea as a consumer to consider where on eBay you buy the phone. This guide will hopefully provide some insight to buyers on how to make sure they get the best deal for their money. See our mini glossary at the bottom for some of the terms used in this guide.

Hundreds of sim free / unlocked mobile phones can be found on eBay but not all are official sim free / unlocked. Here are some simple tips on making sure you make the best choice.

- It is always best to check that the phone is factory unlocked / sim free, brand new and that the warranty is covered in your country otherwise if you have a fault you may have a lot of trouble trying to arrange repair or replacement.

- There are also a lot of non genuine phones on eBay most of which may come from Asia although this is not always the case. You may want to ask for an IMEI number before purchasing, this way you can check with the manufacturer if the phone is legitimate.

- Grey market import mobile phones are often sold on eBay and usually have a much lower price than the genuine UK phones. The best way to check this is by the box of the handset after purchase. On the side where the barcode is, UK versions will generally have “UK” written above or next to the phone name. The problem for a consumer buying a phone like this is the issue you may have if you want to make a warranty claim in the future. You would be surprised to know that even some of the large established retailers still chose to sell these models to make extra profit.

- Also check that the phone is factory unlocked and not hacked, code unlocked or box broken. If this is the case you may find you will have no warranty on the phone and they may come with network logos and power up graphics and themes of network providers. e.g. the O2 bubbles and logo when you turn the phone on.

You may want to take these comments into consideration when you are looking to buy a sim free phone off eBay. Check the item description and if some things are not explained you may want to ask the seller to confirm before you purchase the device.

There are many companies like ourselves who do offer official UK factory unlocked sim free mobile phones on eBay but we suggest you ask sellers if you have any doubts about the item description.

We hope you find this useful and feel free to contact us with any comments or questions

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Retailer of Official UK Sim Free Mobile Phones – We Love Phones!



- Factory Unlocked – Phone was never locked to a network, and can therefore be used with any network sim card. Phone is provided unlocked by the manufacturer and is guaranteed to have no network logos and a full warranty.

- Sim Free – Same as unlocked. Comes with no sim card and can be used with any network sim card.

- IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI is a unique 17 or 15 digit code used to identify an individual mobile station to a GSM or UMTS network. The IMEI number provides an important function; it uniquely identifies a specific mobile phone being used on a mobile network.

- Grey Market – Imported from Europe, the phone is an official phone originating from a different country to the country the phone is sold in. May only have slight differences such as language options but is often only covered by warranty in the origin country.

- Box Broken, Hacked, Code Unlocked – Unlocking a previously network locked phone via code or software. Generally done with Pay as you go phones and often found with network brands and logos left on the phone.

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