Buying Stamps, ??? be careful, !!!.

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I am absolutely astounded as to what most sellers term as fine used stamps....Ugly black postmarks all over the face of the stamp.... only very rare items are collected in this condition. Very Fine Used stamps should have a nice [preferably light] circular cancel which does not cover more than a quarter of the stamp.....if it covers about a third, then this is fine used....any thing else should be classed as good used, although a very light cancel is always acceptable. When buying stamps for your collection do not forget to check the perforations, no-one wants stamps with short or missing perforations, which should be even all round....although some stamps may have a few larger perfs which are generally acceptable. Some early issues like the Australia stamps have what is known as a Line Perforation, and rounded stamp corners are common, but do not settle for this, wait until a stamp with decent perfs comes along...they do exist. So its time to start getting fussy about your purchases, so always think quality when buying because the seller will sell you his rubbish and laugh all the way to the bank....Most of the proffesional only sell good items....its their they try and sell better quality items. Leave those ugly black marks for the postmark collectors, where the postmarks is of more importance and the stamp becomes secondary. Why is it when you buy an item you are always told that it is a stunning example "the best Ive seen in years" but if you tried to sell it back it would be no better than average. So take care and think quality whem buying. H.L. 

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