Buying T-Shirts - Whether Singly or In Bulk

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T Shirts - Its a Minefield out there!!

We've been buying T-Shirts since 1998 and wanted to briefly share some of our knowledge.

There are many T-Shirt Brands and styles out there and if you are considering buying these  to Print there are a few rules you must look at.

Cotton Content - Most are (or should be) -  100% Cotton - preferably Pre Shrunk - the better the quality - the better lasting the shirt.

Manufacturer - If you go for ethical clothing you might want to ask regarding ethical production - most are fine but please check if you need to, generally the larger manufacturers all have Compliance Certification, we introduced this in 2005 and it gives great peace of mind.

Weight - this is measured in GSM - not actual weight but the density (grammes per square metre) - typically the higher gsm the thicker the T-Shirt - this goes for Polo's too.

Size - Some manufacturers are more generous with sizing than others so be careful - one persons XL might be a Large and so on!

Fit - Ladies in particular - there are LadyFits, Skinny Fits and Ladies Cut Shirts - always ask or check before you buy.

Quantity Discounts -  You should always ask for discounts for more than 12 shirts and for over 72 shirts - its Industry Standard to discount on quantity but dont take the Mickey! Most Wholesalers make less than you think on a T-Shirt.

Colour - White is always cheaper than Colours - its a fact!

Hope this helps, please email me if I can be of help.

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