Buying TV Mobile Phones from China

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I had a great experience when I brought two mobile phones from China on Ebay a while back, they were great phones with all the usual functions, no problems with putting in UK sims and both were in English. No warranty was mentioned in the ad, good customer support was provided (albeit in broken English!) and the postage was extortionate. All in all they were a good buy at the time.

Today I've upgraded to a better China mobile and picked up a Kebatoe K915 but this time off a UK seller.  It has a built in TV and FM tuner so radio and TV are free to tune into and the signal is so far great.  The screen is a 2.6" touchsenstive screen, a nice size, and the touch sensitivity is great.  It came with a warranty, customer support, a basic English user guide and English phone tools software for adding games, songs, video etc... 

If you're thinking of buying a Chinese mobile phone just check for the following things before buying!

Warranty , after sales support, unlocked to any network, English manual (many of them don't!), try to find a UK seller (they are rare but are about).

The technology is not otherwise available to the UK and I can't complain at all about my recent purchases. Be safe but don't be scared! The future is here and it's in China electronics :-)

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