Buying Tailored Car Mats & Boot Liners for Your Car

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Buying Car Mats

When Buying Car Mats for your car there are a few ponts to consider, firstly  why are you buing car mats?

Most people require car mats for the following reasons:

  • To Replace Worn Out Car Mats
  • Car mats for a new car where the stingey dealer has not included them
  • Prepare a Car for resale

Car Mats for your own use

If you are buying car mats for your own use it is best to buy hard wearing mats, the cheapest option is often not the best.  Rubber floor mats are a good option when you car is subject to heavy soiling or if you use the car in a dirty or commercial environment.  Deluxe, or Executive Quality mats are very hard wearing and easy to clean.

If you have a luxury car, you may want a colour match or a deep pile car mat to complement the interior.  For a 4x4 what is really used as a 4x4 Rubber is the best option, but make sure it is odourless rubber or on a hot day it will smell.


Tailor Made Car Mats

Tailore made car mats are car mats that are cut specially for a specific make or model, for example the mats for a Range Rover will differ in shape and size to that of a Mercedes E Class.  Beware of some ebayers who try and pass off Universal Car Mats as Tailor made simply by adding a keyword to the Title of the advert!  Tailor Made car mats are the best option, as they provide a proper fit, good coverage and the best protection as well as appearance for your car.

Try and go for a sensible colour, for example a lot of people request black thinking it will not show the dirt, whereas in actual fact black mats show more dust and dirt than any other colour.  If you have kids or pets think about cleaning the mat, Beige mats may look very nice but are not the easiest to keep clean. 

How to Clean Car Mats

Like anything, car mat have to be cleaned to prolong their life and prevent your car from being dirty and dusty.  For loose dirt the best thin is a stiff bristled hand brush.  For ingrained dirt, use a Jet wash, yes i know this sounds alarming but will not damage the mat, after washing leave to dry in the sun before placing back in the car.  Try spraying with a little ZoFlora or Autoglym Autofresh - this will keep you car smelling like it just left the showroom.

Boot Liners

Boot Liners are Plastic moulded trays designed to fit the boot area of your car, these have a 2" lip.  They are unbreakable, tear proof and will save your car's boot from spills, fluids, pets, tools etc..  The Boot liner can easily be hosed down and will not stain. Beware of certain ebayers selling Universal Rubber mats as Boot liners (these are available from halfords for less!!!), and they are certainly not tailor made for your car.

Follow this link for more products and information  - Remember we are the original Car Mat Company with our own factory !


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