Buying Tickets from ebay

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Don't rely on feedback ratings being a reliable guide when buying a ticket for a future event.
You can only leave feedback within 40 days of the end of the auction. Many tickets for festivals and big concerts are sold well in advance but not sent out until a week or two before the actual performance, buyers have to choose between leaving feedback that they may want to change, depending on the feedback left and wether the tickets are delivered, or they may choose not to leave feedback at all in which case the seller will probably not leave the +ve feedback that you deserve.
A similar restriction applies to raising a dispute when the tickets don't show up.
When this happened to me I was advised by ebay customer services that the only way to protect my payment would be to raise a dispute before the 40 day deadline. Many sellers may find this inconvenient but I am sure that the good ones will undestand the situation and not mind having the payment recalled and the -ve feedback posted.
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