Buying Top BMW Motorbike Parts for Better Performance

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Your Guide to Buying Top BMW Motorbike Parts for Better Performance

BMW motorbikes are known for their performance and precision as a sport bike, cruiser, and touring vehicle. Despite their reputation, there are ways to improve the performance of a BMW motorbike. By buying top BMW performance parts, it is possible to greatly improve a motorbike's manoeuverability, speed, and overall function. The stock BMW parts are well-built and of high quality, but there are some modifications that you may want to make depending on which type of BMW you have and how you use it. For the average rider, most of the improvements are to the overall movement of the motorbike, such as lowering the centre of gravity and increasing the stopping power, which are improvements that an average user makes and a power user goes beyond.

There are many different sources for performance motorbike parts, such as motorbike part supply shops and BMW parts retailers. One of the sources to find top BMW motorbike parts with an extremely wide selection is eBay. When searching better performance parts for a BMW motorbike, a buyer should be aware of the most common improvements made for better performance, such as the exhaust system, intake and airflow, the tyres, the brakes, and suspension.

BMW Exhaust Improvements

Many people choose to increase their horsepower by improving either the air intake or the exhaust output of their motorbike. The largest improvement that people generally make to their exhaust system is the tailpipe, although some choose to replace the entire exhaust system. Most BMW owners improve BMW exhaust by opening airflow, which can be performed by using a free-flow exhaust system that improves acceleration and horsepower. When the addition of larger tubing and tailpipes are used, they increase the airflow of the bike, but also may make it sound louder when it is running. Some people do not like this noise, and prefer their motorbikes to be quieter.

Many people also use carbon fibre slip-on exhaust, which not only looks stylish but also improves the performance of a motorbike. Making sure that the slip-on exhaust is correct is very important, simply because it can come off at an inopportune moment if not installed correctly. It does this by, again, increasing the airflow out of the engine and improving the overall breathing of a bike. The increase of airflow allows a bike to build up more compression, and therefore, more power. Improving the exhaust on a motorbike can increase the noise that a bike makes, but there are improvements if less noise is desirable. Many aftermarket companies place exhaust dampeners on the exhaust to make a bike quieter.

Intake and Computer Performance Improvements

Along with improving the airflow out of a motorbike, the intake of air into a motorbike can also improve performance. Most of these improvements have to do with adding a cold air intake, which exchanges the original restrictive air intake with a free-flowing air tube. Allowing the additional air into the engine feeds the engine more oxygen, allowing for better sound and performance. This is a simple modification that is performed on many motorbikes, and can also be performed on cars. Improving the intake is another one of the improvements that can change the sound of a bike. It can make a motorbike run quieter or louder, depending on the type of intake that is installed on a bike.

BMW offers improvements to most stock computer systems. The computer system is not an upgrade that can be undertaken by anyone who is not a BMW professional computer technician. These upgrades can include sensors, the computer system itself, or the software that runs a motorbike. If these upgrades are not performed by BMW, they can cause not only a decrease in performance, but they can cause the motorbike to stop running altogether. The parts may be purchased by a third-party provider, but make certain the installation is performed by someone who is a BMW professional.

Performance Brakes and Tyres

The stock brakes of BMW motorbikes are often improved by using a kevlar or carbon fibre brake pad. These are both high-performance pads. Most of the time, the actual braking system is not improved unless a person is transforming a street bike into a racing bike. Although this may be a goal of a few people, it is not generally the goal of improving overall performance. If the desire is to improve the overall stopping power of a motorbike, larger rotors, callipers, and braided steel brake lines can be installed, which improve stopping distance. If the stopping distance and power is improved, it is necessary to be careful of stopping too quickly, which can cause a bike to high-side or cause a rider to lose control.

Another modification that is often performed on a BMW motorbike is what is known as sticky tyres. These are tyres that are meant to stick to the road, providing a bike with more traction. Many people who use the BMW sport motorbikes or sport touring motorbikes, improve the tyres to a softer rubber and a lighter alloy. This drastically improves a bike's grip on the road to stop sliding on sharp turns. These are particularly beneficial for mountain and close-track riding.

Some people also elect to purchase a wider tyre, which sparks the need for modification of the triple tree and other wheel body parts. A wider tyre allows for more grip and power on initial acceleration. Most wider tyres are reserved for the back tyre, as this is the drive tyre on the majority of BMW motorbikes.


While upgrading the tyres and brakes, it is also a good idea to look at the suspension of a BMW motorbike. A heavier suspension may be needed if wider tyres are desired. Using a stiffer suspension and shocks, and lowering the bike improves a bike's centre of gravity. With a lower centre of gravity, a bike is more stable, which makes it easier to control, particularly around tight corners and on adverse road conditions, such as gravel, water, or ice.

A lower centre of gravity can also be achieved by lowering the springs. If the shocks are being replaced, lowering the springs is a natural progression and can often be done at the same time. If the purpose of improving the suspension and shocks is to lower the centre of gravity, then the springs should not be forgotten. Most of the time, this is a recommended upgrade for newer riders and heavier bikes, since an added benefit of a lower centre of gravity is to make the bike less likely to tip.

Buying Top BMW Motorbike Parts for Better Performance on eBay

Once you decide which type of improvements you wish to make, you can enter the keywords for those BMW motorbike parts into the search box on the eBay website, and click search. This brings up a list of parts that match the requested keywords. Search through these listings and find one in which you are interested. Once the listing is found, click on it, and it brings up a detailed description of the part.

Take a look at the description to make sure it is the part that you want. There is other useful information included on the detailed description page. Take a look at the seller's shipping and return policies, as well as the seller's feedback. The return policy can tell you what to do in the event that the wrong part, or a part that is not working, is delivered. You can also access seller feedback from this portion of the website. The feedback may also be able to give you some information about how a seller conducts business. Most of the feedback should be positive. The last thing to note on the detailed description page is the option to ask the seller a question. This allows a buyer to verify or ask for more complete information.


Since almost every aspect of the BMW motorbike can be improved, it is important to weigh the cost of these improvements against the amount of performance gained by them. Some performance parts do not offer a large improvement, and therefore, are not worth the cost of purchasing them. When buying performance parts, be sure to cross-check the pricing between different sellers. An easy way to do this and receive a wide cross section of sellers is to use the popular auction website, eBay. Most of the brand name improvement parts can be found here.

These performance parts are a general idea of what can be used to improve a BMW motorbike. There are more specialised improvements that can be made, but they are often extremely costly. Make sure that while improving a motorbike, nothing else becomes damaged by the performance parts. It is always wise to make sure that the person who is adding parts to a BMW motorbike is a professional and qualified to work on a BMW. A buyer can purchase parts separately and take them to a performance centre that specialises in BMW improvements and repairs.

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