Buying Used Woodworking Items on eBay

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Buying Used Woodworking Items on eBay

A carpentry business requires many different kinds of woodworking tools and items, most of which are a big investment and can quickly ruin the budget. These items are available in a great quantity and at a good price on eBay. Carpenters can even save more money by purchasing gently used and well-maintained items. These used items fill most needs in the carpentry shop or on a work site.

Naturally, it is up to the carpenter to know what is needed to re-stock the supply closet. However, there are a lot of items to choose from on eBay. Carpenters can certainly save themselves some hassle and shopping time by learning about the types of woodworking items frequently sold on eBay. Each item is generally useful for a wide range of woodworking needs. Most are small and easy to ship. Many are helpful tools designed to make work go faster. Some are even full-sized working pieces of machinery.

Types of Used Woodworking Items on eBay

Sellers on eBay list quite a few used or second-hand woodworking items. These items are still quite useful. Carpenters can find both accessories and full-sized working equipment.

Turning Lathe

The turning lathe is one of the few professional woodworking machines found on eBay. Many sellers prove these machines used at good prices. The turning lathe is useful for carpenters who need to make table legs, staircase banisters, bats, and other wooden cylinders or rounded items. A block of wood is placed on the lathe and rotated horizontally at high speeds. A chisel is used to cut away pieces of the wood as it turns. Buyers should bear in mind that a turning lathe is a large piece of equipment, so shipping costs are high, therefore, it may be a good idea to buy one from a local seller.


The bandsaw is another piece of woodworking equipment carpenters can find used on eBay. This machine is extremely useful for carpenters as it can be utilised to cut wood, create cutouts, cut legs, make veneers, and even makes cuts in metals. The bandsaw does much of the cutting work needed by the carpenter in a short amount of time. Be prepared for costly shipping and handling on this large piece of equipment too.

Thickness Planer

The thickness planer, a machine also available used on eBay, is an industrial machine employed for making wooden boards of equal thicknesses. It is not commonly seen in the hobbyist workshop, but many businesses use it to plane down floorboards, siding, and wallboards. It is equally useful for taking recycled boards and making them like new for installation in another house. Carpenters can also purchase used planer blades on eBay to keep their equipment running like new. These blades are long and heavy, but can wear down quickly with heavy duty use.


Flat, metal patterns for a drill or blade are jigs.. These metal templates guide the cutting tool along a piece of wood to create an exact pattern that can be repeated multiple times. There are several types of jigs useful for carpenters.

Jig Pattern


Kitchen Worktop

Used in making kitchen cabinets; guides the cutting blade or drill in creating grooves for hardware


Template for creating dovetail joints


Used for making dowels; kits trim wood to between .635 and 1.27 centimetres (cm) in diameter


Used for table legs; creates grooves that gradually deepen


Used for staircase stringers; a support element for treads and risers

The above-mentioned templates are all highly useful for professional carpenters. They are also used in industrial settings for mass producing pre-cut wood pieces. Moreover, there are many other kinds of templates for producing cuts specific to a project.


The workbench is an item commonly seen in every carpenter's workshop. It consists of a folding table that rests on two pairs of inclined legs. Carpenters often work on the job site, so having a folding work area to take along is helpful. These items are also lightweight enough to move without a problem, but provide a sturdy work surface. Most workbenches sold on eBay are made from plastic and lightweight metal.


Industrial woodcutting equipment frequently needs new blades to keep up with large volumes of cutting work. Rather than paying for brand new blades, check out eBay for slightly used blades, which are still in good condition. Sellers often provide used circular saw blades, planer blades, and bandsaw blades. It is also possible to find blade sharpeners on eBay to help extend the lifespan of blades already owned.

Drill Bits

The drill bit is often found in a drill press in the professional carpenter's workshop. The drill bit is a cylindrical cutting item with a blade in the shape of a corkscrew or with a sharp pointed tip. Drill bits are available in .635, .95, 1.27, 1.58 cm, and larger. These items are sold individually and in multipacks by eBay sellers. Used drill bits can still retain a lot of life if they are in good shape and can be sharpened easily.

Dust Extractor

Things can get pretty dusty in the workshop when cutting wood. The sawdust that gets into the air is irritating and leads to health hazards. Not to mention, it makes the workshop hard to work in. Dust extractors and vacuums are essential to keeping these spaces clean. Carpenters can pick up a sawdust vacuum to use in the workshop, but they can also get extractors to catch sawdust as it comes off a piece of machinery in use. These extractors usually have long plastic PVC piping, a powerful fan, and a reusable storage bag to catch and hold the sawdust. Some of these extractors can be moved from one piece of equipment to the next and attached as an accessory.

Mitre Box

These items serve as templates for making precise cuts in wood. Usually a mitre box allows carpenters to make 90 degree, and 45 degree cuts. However, the groove that the saw blade slides into can be made at any angle. This tool is helpful for quickly producing angled woodcuts for frames, table legs, and windows. It is possible to make a mitre box out of wood using tools found in the shop, but a used mitre box is quite affordable and usually is made of longer lasting plastic or metal.


Working with wood means that carpenters inevitably wind up using some kind of adhesive wood glue.. Most glue is used in conjunction with elaborate joints, wooden dowels, or nails to secure two pieces of wood together. This is not an item normally sold used, but it is easy to find on eBay. Look out for multipacks of wood glue in cans or bottles at a great price, which can save even more by reducing the number of times this item has to be ordered. Carpenters should always have an extra supply of adhesive for securing joints, frames, and laminating or adding veneer to a table surface.

Buying Woodworking Items on eBay

Buying used woodworking items on eBay is a great way to save some money in setting up a professional carpentry shop. The items you find can fulfil most of your needs from cutting to planing to joining wood. To find your items quickly, make use of the eBay search engine. This engine can be accessed from any page on the website, and it is easy to use. Just enter any woodworking term or item and press the "Search" button. Your search terms can be anything, such as 'wood&' or a brand name like 'Workmate&'. There are thousands of items to look through and the search engine can save you a lot of time.

Local Sellers

Some of the woodworking items you find on eBay are heavy, or large. They cost a lot of money to ship. Consider looking for items by postcode to make sure you get the best price on shipping and handling. This also helps to cut down on the shipping time involved. If the seller lives close by you might even be able to meet the seller to pick up your item in person.


There are plenty of used woodworking items to be found on eBay. These items include working equipment and necessary accessories. Those looking to save money on the tools of their trade can do so by picking up these items used on eBay versus shopping elsewhere. The three pieces of industrial machinery carpenters are most likely to find include jig saws, thickness planers, and the turning lathe. All are heavy pieces of equipment so buyers may want to purchase them from local sellers. The smaller items are easier to ship and available in quantity. Look for blades and drill bits to replace old cutting tools. Many of these are sold in multi packs on eBay, allowing carpenters to save even more money and time.

Used jigs and mitre boxes can save the carpenter a lot of effort as opposed to making them from scratch. Also, these items are good to have on hand in case a project happens to call for a difficult cut. A dust extractor and vacuum are essential for the health and safety of everyone working in a woodshop or industrial environment. Finally, adhesives are not likely to be sold used, but they do run out frequently and need to be kept in stock.

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