Buying Via Ebay tablet From Asia

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Select a tablet you may be interested in search you tube their are several promotional videos that will explain in detail the commitment to disassemble the tablet with relative ease

Hi all you budding overseas buyers if you are contemplating Asia Purchase DO NOT ENTERTAIN Their pads ( whilst they are indeed value for money in the fact that the GPS is larger display than the majority of Similar items found & purchased, clarity reliability superior reception. )

BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK Especially from E bay member blulamp

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Especially android tablets
Regardless to -:
( Defective Item ) E bay so called Support you will receive Within 45 days After NONE
( Defective Item ) Pay pal support you will receive  Within 60 days After NONE
Make an Asian purchase would probably be your worse decision to the values of £ 50 - £128 .
IF You Make such a purchase you are Knowingly Risking Your Hard Earned Bread If it packs up look to to fix yourself.

Their Are several good sites with Updates Also should you BRICK your tablet do not be alarmed as this can also be rectified.

If you Brick & Cannot Reinstall STD Package software try Purchase Tablet Types That Are easily to take apart without slight heat you may not be familiar with this process.

((   UPDATE   ))
Investigate prior to purchase

Not all tablets have memory card within ( that can be replaced if damaged )
Investigate tablets that have screws or tabs that card be accessed enabling you to split case to accesses card replacement & battery & digitizer + other part replacements which can be purchased on net
( of late their have been several vendors that are selling aforementioned replacements ** BUT AGAIN IF IT BROKE THE SPARES DO NOT  MEAN THAT THEY are of merchantable quality WILL WORK.

MY ADVICE WOULD BE TO BUY CHINESE TABLETS THAT ARE SCREWED TOGETHER or AT the very least having clips attached to one or tather end with a little pressure applied the case will separate this is also advantageous way of accessing the SD CARD PACKAGE WITHIN.


And to top this all the additional warranty offered does not interact with the sale you the buyer will in addition have to wait for paperwork upon arrival you will in addition have to prove to the warranty company ,.  To which you have already submitted advanced payment for the warranty @ time of purchase. Sending in the the e bay receipt, for which is not certain that the warranty company will accept you.

Leaving you open in the event that the tablet does break down in the interim of insurance set up arrangement.

Warranties Worth Zilch Dinada Zero Tipota naught
If you have not read one of my articles try reading one now before you become another Asian e Bay buyer statistic
Pay yer money took yer chance. The vendor Laughs all the way to the bank.

Update if you buy from china with warranty 1 year means nothing to ebay, you the buyer will NOT receive any support from ebay.

Although FSA are finally looking into ebay NONE conformance to their sign up for trading Licence issued in the UK.

Update to follow

If you decide to Buy upon receipt Check the power status on fully charged tablet.
Attempt a reset accsessing the reset button situated on side base similar to most early - late electronic gadgets their is an access point to restart in the event of freezing or not restarting.
If the damn thing does not reset contact for refund under ** unwanted item  ** Immediately cut your loses you will have to return the item but better to lose a little than the lot.
Although I have read other members have bought / dissatisfied tried to return and the story goes vendor stated none tablet receipt.


That is why you only buy

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How To Buy.
What To Ask.
Upon You being satisfied That The Seller IS IN THE UK

Try to be an ebay Buyer
Try not to be another ebay statistic

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