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Here at Kilner Clothing, we want your purchase of vintage clothing to be a successful and happy experience.  We also understand the reluctance some e-bayers may have to pay good money for vintage items they can not see, touch, smell, examine and try on.  Hopefully this short guide will reassure those people, and persuade them that buying vintage clothing from ebay can be a very rewarding experience and a great way to add unique items to your wardrobe.

1. Sizing - The size in the article of clothing, that given by the seller, and your own version, could be three very different interpretations - Never buy a vintage item by going by the size alone.  Many sellers will give a sizing such as Large, Small, 8, 10 etc as a guide, not as an accurate interpretation as sizing has changed a great deal over the last thirty or  forty years.  Also sizing has always varied greatly between manufacturers in the same country let alone acounting for variations throughout Europe and The States. This makes it impossible for anyone to accurately say what a size 12, for example, really is.  Therefore....

2. Check the Measurements!  All good vintage clothing sellers will give measurements and dimensions of their clothing such as pit to pit measurement, sleeve length, overall length, shoulder to shoulder etc etc.  It is important that you check these against a similar article that fits you well.  This is really the only way to know whether an article will fit you.  Remember also that a t shirt with a 20" pit to pit measurement will fit differently to a heavy leather jacket with the same measurement, so please check measurements with a similar article to that which you are considering bidding on.

3. Look at the Photographs - Good sellers will provide a number of photographs of the articles they sell from a range of different angles to try to give a good impression of the style, condition and fit of an article - Make sure you look closely for signs of wear, fading, loose buttons etc etc.

4. Read the description carefully - Quite often a photograph won't accurately pick up some marks or defects - good sellers will highlight these in their description to make sure the buyer knows what they are getting

5. Expectations - After reading the description and looking at the photographs, you should be left with a good impression of an articles condition, and be in a position to know whether you are prepared to bid/buy or not.  However, due to the nature of vintage clothing, you should not expect absolute 'as new' perfection - This is one of the great attractions of vintage clothing - the worn in look - particularly with items like jeans or leather jackets which can look so much better worn in than new off the shelf, and make them so much more comfortable too!

6. Returns policy - Always read the returns policy closely - private sellers are unlikely to have one, business sellers are more likely to accept returns in some circumstances.  Here at Kilner Clothing, we offer a no quibble refund policy where your purchase price less postage will be refunded - This should give you the confidence to give buying vintage on ebay a go - but remember when you buy ,what postage charges you could be liable for if you are not happy with your goods.

7. Ask Questions - Like all good sellers, here at Kilner Clothing, we welcome questions from potential buyers, if you have any doubts, queries etc, then always ask the seller about them.

8. Check a sellers other items - Take your time to browse through a sellers other items for sale or items in their ebay shop. This can be a good way of determining the general level of quality of items sold by one particular seller.  Its also a good way to find other items youre interested and hopefully save a little bit on combined postage costs!

Above all, remember buying vintage can be an exciting, fun and great way of picking up a bargain peices of clothing that you can pretty much guarantee your friend will not turn up wearing the next day!  So take a look, have a bid, and be happy with the results!

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