Buying Vintage Clothing

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We all know that buying clothing online can be a tad risky due to fitting, feeling etc... Especially when you are parting with your hard earned cash in a recession, The high street charges a fortune for cheaply made clothing which lasts all of a week and the sales assistants don't paticularly care about the hole in your new Topshop skinny jeans after a days wear, Getting a full refund is hardly easy these days.

So to get me off that subject for a second, let me tell you a little bit about me. I started working in retail around four years ago, I started off at a terrible store which i can't name, Urgh absolutely terrible clothing (mens only), Extremely cheaply made and targeted at the chav market(you have probably guessed it). I realised in this job that, 1: sales advisors will go to any lengths to sell. 2: The Big Boss did not care about his staff or his customers, just the money in his back pocket. The second store i worked was Banana Republic, i am not going to lie Banana Republic is probably one of the best stores on the highstreet, sales staff are invested in, refunds are easy to get, staff  are polite, the stores look amazing, the clothing is good quality and you can take as many items as you like to the fitting rooms, but it's expensive. The sad truth is... fat cats of every corporate retailer are after your money and couldn't care less how they get it, it's a dog eat dog world and people have no limits at which they will get your money. So i set out to be different in every single way and started up Apple Cheeks Vintage.

I have used the Highstreet for many years and know how easy it can be on a payday, to wander to the high street, take a shed load of items to the fitting room and buy most of them, turning to ebay was one of the wiser decisions i have made. Let me start with it being alot cheaper, yeah it may be second hand but nobody will never know. Delivery doesn't add much to the total cost, it's cheaper than nearly all retailers internet sites. Sellers are now adding the exact measurements of garments, it doesnt take long to write down your measurements and stick them to your desk or computer screen. Sellers are adding details of the garments material. Sellers are now offering no quibble refunds, but you usually pay for the return postage and you don't get your initial postage charge back(worst part of ebay, but better than no refund at all from an individual seller)

So to the point...what are you looking for when buying that beautiful vintage dress,

1: Study every single word of the item title and especially the description (sounds stupid) there's so many items on ebay that are ending soon you don't usually have time to study the description, you could miss vital information trust me.

2: Item specifics, under the main picture and title is the item specifics, Always click 'see more' next to 'condition' and also click 'see all condition defenitions' to see what the ebay defenition is of 'used', 'new with tags' etc

3: Never trust pictures with just one angle, 90% of the time they have got something to hide, most sellers will only post pictures with the best angles which naturally is a better selling point. Don't be afraid to ask for more pictures, especially if the item is a buy it now or nearest offer in an ebay shop, the items probably been up for just under a month and the seller will be more than happy to help. The ideal item will have full pictures and close ups of both sides of the garment and it's features.

4: Always check the sellers feedback, it doesn't matter if it was 1 negative in 1000 items, you could be that next 1.

5: Never be afraid to ask questions, especially to an ebay shop, Most vintage shops tell you to expect bits of fabric bobbling or the odd tiny rip, in their faq page, so sometimes they will not add these details to their items, so you have to ask them these simple questions before you buy, remember you are the boss, without you they wouldn't have a business. Remember to ask about, buttons, holes, zips, fraying, bobbling, dis-colouration, you may also want to ask about whether the item has been washed, vintage clothing sellers hardly ever have the time to wash all their products and it can smell nasty.

6: Check the shops delivery and returns page, there will be details there which will not come up on the items description page, They may offer one postage cost on unlimited items, which will save you a whole lot. Check the returns policy as shops may want you to do abide by certain rules to obtain a refund, like keeping the item in perfect condition, it being your responsibility until it gets back to the seller (remember proof of postage at the post office, it gets lost in the post you lose your refund)

7: Make a cheeky offer, Check to see how long the item has been up for and how many offers it's had, you may well get away with a bargain (getting away with cheeky offers and unlimited item postage you have got a mega deal) Buy it now or nearest offer can be better than auctions for getting a bargain.

8:Don't pay for 30 really want that item but can't afford it till next month, some ebay stores now offer 'buy it now and pay within 30 days', it's an excellent way of stealing the item before somebody else can, but not having to pay straight away.

9: Remember to have fun, buying on ebay can be exciting and extremely rewarding.


Thankyou for reading, i really hope i was able to give you some valuable information.

Please come and visit my store


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