Buying Vintage Violins On Ebay

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This is designed by us to give you a couple of simple pointers regarding buying vintage violins. It is in no way anything more than a couple of  basics. It is best to seek advice if you are inexperienced.

1 The label inside a violin can be confusing.  Most people now know if they find a violin with the name Stradivarius in it  it simply means it was made in the style of Stradivarius. A similar situation occurs with the name Amati and several others.  These labels are not designed to  mislead it is just a convention.  Other labels do  reflect  the true makers name.  However beware! Jjust because a label says something does not make it factual.  For example many of the early violin making  businesses used to use a bogus Italian sounding name on the label even though they were mass produced.  This does not mean they are necessarilly lacking in quality.  I am just saying you need to know the way  it works.

2  If you are inexperienced in vintage violins you are advised to seek advice before purchasing. In many cases to get a violin sounding just right  it may need to go to the luthier.  For example a lot of people  think you just buy a peg for a violin and pop it in. This is incorrect a luthier shaves the peg so it is just the right size and shape. You should allow for this type of thing when making your purchase.



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