Buying Vinyl on EBAY Auctions.

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If you are relatively new to selling,or are looking to buy Vinyl Records on EBAY,this page may be of help to you?.I have been a Vinyl collector for 47+ years,and it never ceases to amaze me what 'Grades' Vinyl gets.Sellers often quote the RARE RECORD PRICE GUIDE as their source of grading,and quite correctly too.Some sellers however do not know what the grade entails,by making an Item EX+ or EX- etc,where it would be better to state exactly what the grade is.Feedback is a great pointer to Vinyl sellers in particular,and we all started on EBAY,or collecting,at one time,and it's not easy to learn with grading,as it's something that cries out for experience.Where does a new seller,or buyer for that matter,get this experience?.Look firstly at the surface of the Vinyl,ensure it plays as well as it looks,as you can look at a good record,and it plays dreadfully.Some 'collectors',and I use that term loosely,do what's called skimmimg,and by that they use all sorts of methods to make the playing surface look nice,but when played,it often distorts the music.Sellers:The Labels are a big factor also,as some collectors do not want stickers and initials and any writing {WOL} on the Discs,but some don't worry too much about that,as long as the condition is described correctly.ANYTHING at all that is out of the ordinary or wrong,tell the prospective buyers on the description,as they will surely find out after they buy it,it's then too late,and you are in trouble.You may end up with having to do a refund,or worse,end up with a negative feedback.I applaud EBAY not allowing sellers to blackmail,for want of a better word?,buyers into leaving them good feedback,and the buyer having to do the same~or else?....Make sure what your saying is correct.Buyers:Have a good look at the Item description,and if you have any worries at all,email the seller and ASK the them,that's waht the option is there for.If the seller is honest,he won't mind one little bit,quite the opposite,as someone is showing an interest in what THEY are selling.Keep the questions as succint and short as possible,and ask the relevant questions you require answers for,don't be afraid to ask,as you would ask in any Shop?,wouldn't you?.That's really what EBAY is,a supersize online Shop.If you wish to ask me any questions?,I would be pleased to give you the benefit of my experince as I love music,especially vinyl,and until earlier this year,I had over 14,000+ 7" records.My ID is haggis-n-neeps on EBAY,and I almost always have something on my site.So you can email me anytime.

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