Buying Websites On Ebay....

Like if this guide is helpful

Buying website and e-business online can be risky the reason is because alot are just turnkey websites that are sold to you without real pottential of earning there are some that are sold that do offer real pottential .

If your thinking of buying look at the below point for reference.

1. If they are promising riches it normally wont work, Why well think about it if you had a secret formula for earning £1000 a week would you sell no because you wouldnt need to as you would be filthy rich.

2. If it is a website being sold look for these three things

  •  Proof of earnings
  •  Real contact information
  •  Make sure payment option is safe
  •  Always be sceptical on anything that promises you profits.

3. Buying online traffic is not reccomended why well for one if you run adsense and you buy paid to surf traffic or other paid to or traffic exchange traffic google adsense can terminate your account as disclosed in their terms.

The best way to get traffic is search engines and ppc search engines such as adwords.


I hope this information helped you i wrote this as i have become a victim to alot of online scams and have learnt always remember this and you wil get far....

It Takes Hard Work And Investment To Make Money Nobody Will Get Rich Through Surveys Etc

These are only my thoguhts and some online oppertunitys could be real just look at everything very thorough.

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