Buying Websites On Ebay

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Just want to share my experience on buying websites on eBay.

I have bought a number of sites on eBay. A couple of them were for my Lettings Agency. I paid for hosting as the listing said that the if i bought the site i would have to use the sellers hosting package. Fair enough i thought. However, after about 6-7months both sites have disappeared and the seller is no longer registered with eBay. Ebay will not entertain an Undelivered Item dispute as the item was delivered even though i proved that the item listing said that the hosting for a year or so was included in the price. So be VERY wary. You may be better off paying abit extra and getting it done locally.

Other than that, other make money online web sites on ebay require alot of work to earn money. The sites are just really a concept and need the hard work and effort to make money. They need alot of money spending on google/yahoo/msn advertising to make any money at all. In the main they can be loss leaders for sometime to come and will never make you a millionaire over night...which is the impression they give.

You would be better to put up your own site as most are based on OSCommerce or Joomla...which are free Content Systems why pay someone to build you a site. Joomla takes a couple of days to get use to and nothing is more satisfying than setting a site up yourself.

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