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Passion Wedding Flowers – A Guide to Choosing your wedding flowers

 Your wedding bouquet is the most important flower choice you have to make and will one of the first things your guests see as you walk into the room. Your florist will help you choose a bouquet and flowers to complement your wedding dress.

There are many types of wedding bouquets and we have put a guide together of the most popular types of wedding bouquets Hand Tied Bouquet

The hand tied bouquet is a round dome shape of flowers and foliage with their stems wired; the stems are often tied together with coordinating ribbon. The hand tied bouquet can either have a formal look with the flowers packed tightly together and very little foliage is used. A more modern informal hand tied bouquet has a more natural feel and combines flowers and foliage. The hand tied bouquet can be accessorised with ivy trails, beads, crystals, wire or caged in bear grass Posy Bouquet

 The wired bouquet is almost identical to the hand tied bouquet but Smaller in size and ideal for bridesmaids. Again the stems are wired and bound into a handle with ribbon making the bouquet easy to hold. Shower Bouquet/Teardrop Bouquet

 The shower bouquet is a long trailing bouquet. It is a very elegant bouquet and is increasing in popularity, a wide variety of flowers can be used for this bouquet and it can be a very simple bouquet using only one or two types of flowers or a more natural feel can be achieved by using several types of flowers and lots of foliage.

The tear drop bouquet is a smaller compacter version of the shower bouquet and is shaped like a teardrop. 

The trailing bouquet (most people still class this as a shower bouquet) is often a more contemporary version of the shower bouquet using less flowers which makes a fantastic impact and ultra modern statement.

Pomander The pomander is a ball of flowers and foliage, the flower ball is attached to coordinating ribbon which is used to hang over the bride's or bridesmaids wrist.

It may be a daunting process deciding on your wedding flowers and what wedding flowers you need so here is a guide to the types of flowers you may require.

There are a vast range of wedding bouquets available to brides, from the very simple hand tied to the elegant shower bouquet. The bouquet chosen should enhance and complement your wedding dress and your florist will be able to help you with these choices.

If you have a favourite flower or have seen a picture of a wedding bouquet you like make sure you tell your wedding florist.

Bridesmaids Flowers

Bridesmaids tend to carry a smaller bouquet of flowers than the bride and the flowers often co ordinate with their dresses or the colour theme of the wedding. There are a variety of bouquets bridesmaids can carry from a simple hand tied to a pomander.

If you have any fabric swatches of the bridesmaids dress make sure you give a piece to your florist so she can choose

Flower Girls

Flower girls can either carry a flower wand, basket of flowers, basket containing petals or a small pomander. They can also carry a smaller version of the bridesmaid’s posy.


The groom wears a buttonhole that co ordinates with the bride's bouquet and often contains the same flowers. The buttonhole is worn on the left lapel.

 Best Man/Father of the Bride

 The best man and father of the bride wear a buttonhole which often consists of a single flower or double flower with bear grass loops. The flower used is often the same as the dominate flower in the bridesmaids bouquets.

Mother of Bride and Groom

 The mother of the bride and groom wear a corsage that either, match their outfit of match the colour scheme of the wedding. If the mother's outfit is made of a delicate material a magnet can be attached to the corsage to avoid using pins, the corsage can also be attached to a handbag. A netural colour is normally chosen.


The ushers wear a single flower buttonhole to match the flowers used in the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Ceremony/Church Flowers

 There are no rules about the flowers you can use for your ceremony room or church but often a pedestal or large arrangement is placed at the front of the room. You can also have decorations on the pew ends or chair backs.

 Reception Flowers

Again there are no rules about the flowers you use for your reception but generally table arrangements are placed on each table, these can vary greatly and can range from tall arrangements adding drama to the room, arrangements containing candles, to simple contemporary table arrangements.

The top table often has a grander version of the table arrangements and often several of them are placed along the table. There are many other types of flower decorations that can be used at your wedding venue and your florist should advise you of these.

Wedding cake Toppers

Your wedding cake can be decorated with flowers, often with a small posy on the top layer, a trailing design and several flowers scattered on the other layers, the flower design used will complement your style of wedding cake.

Thank you gifts

 Sometimes you may wish to present the mother of the bride and groom with a bouquet of flowers to thank them for all their help and support

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