Buying Your First House and Property Investment Guide

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First let me say quite clearly, I am NOT an expert on buying property, BUT... I know a man who IS !

Buying property is usually the biggest purchase we ever make in our lives and it can be a very traumatic experience.

Most of us have been so poorly educated in managing our finances, calculating interest rates and understanding mortgage repayment options, that we find it extremely difficult to make decisions that are truly beneficial to us.

This is a very sad state for us all and can lead to stress and severe illness with worry.

Recently I learned some amazing new ideas that could help thousands of people buying their first home, or looking to make money, buying and selling property.

The true story behind this is really unique.
Here is the background to the information that is being published in a New Book to be released very soon.

An ordinary guy who was employed as a window installer and later built a business employing over 100 staff doing general property repairs, realised his own home had made him more money in twelve months, than his very successful business had.

He decided to do some very serious research and from the information and excell spreadsheets he created, he learned a very important fact.

Property prices do go up and down as we all know, but his calculations proved that over the years, house prices DOUBLE in value, every 6.74 yrs!

It was this fact that made him determined to invest and concentrate on buying property.

I won't go into all the details here, but hopefully the following will be enough for you to see what a very remarkable man he is.

Once he had made his decision he went straight to work on it.

Within 7 months of starting, he became a Millionaire!

Just TWO weeks later, he was a multi-Millionaire.

His book tells the whole story, from start to finish.

He has written this book to help others learn the methods and techniques he used to achieve that success, with the hope that more people will want to do the same.

What is most remarkable to me, is the fact that he explains that he achieved all this, using other peoples money!

He explains exactly how to raise the funds, what property to buy and how, (doing it his way), you can get approx £6,000 in cash on every deal you make!

 This is really stunning stuff...!!!

Unfortunately, the book is NOT available to the general public

But I can notify anyone interested as soon as it is available to buy.

Email me, or see my auctions for a preview.
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