Buying a Baby Bjorn babybjorn carrier active v original

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I decided to write this guide to buying a Baby Bjorn carrier as there seems to be a lot of listings with misleading titles and/or descriptions regarding the different models:- Original, Active, Air, Synergy, Comfort and Miracle are all different models of babybjorn carrier. The 'original' model does not have to be old as it is still on sale now - but the model has evolved over the many years it has been around. As someone who has used and sold Baby Bjorns I am happy to help with information that should mean you get the right carrier for you, your baby and your budget.

My advice is to make sure you know the difference and decide which one you want to buy for you and your baby. Then make sure any seller knows the difference and are clear which one they have for sale. Read the whole listing thoroughly and if something is not clear then ask the seller any questions and if they don't come back with full and clear details then avoid them. I would also be wary of anyone who has just copied a load of text from the Baby Bjorn website without any thought as to whether it is relevant or correct for their carrier. Any good seller will want you to be happy with your purchase. Don't rush into buying the wrong thing as there will always be plenty more Baby Bjorn carriers to bid on. Like all purchases on ebay you should check the sellers feedback as this will show you whether or not they know what they are doing. Obviously everyone has to start somewhere and you may get a great bargain and excellent service from a new ebayer but remember it may be you that gets to find out they are a complete idiot.

The earlier version of the 'Original carrier' looks like this:- 

    with press stud fastening loops to attach the body to the harness.


The latest version of the 'Original' carrier looks like this:-   
with the red and blue colour coded slide clips which fasten to the harness. It also has webbing straps that adjust around the head area and plastic 'click' fixings on the ends.

The original carrier has always retailed new for about £49, in the succesion of different colourways and with little updates along the way such as having the instructions imprinted onto the inside of the carrier, and extra fastenings to give the option of smaller leg holes.

When Babybjorn brought out the Original Spirit range       it brightened things up a bit with 8 different coloured fronts all with black straps. The carrier has all the same spec as the original classic pictured above - just colours are changed.

The Active carrier looks like this: -  and the main difference is with the lumbar support. This additional triangular section of harness and second strap arrangement means that you can carry babies for longer and until they are heavier. This colourway is one of the most common & is called Sporty Black with red inner and trim. The active carrier retails new for about £69.

The Baby Bjorn Air carrier and the Synergy Carrier 

These are both made of a special flexible and soft mesh fabric designed to keep baby cooler in Summer. It has significantly better heat and moisture dissipation and so would be really good for a Summer holiday abroad...or maybe even if the UK this year! Baby bjorn carriers are great for travelling & make getting through airports with a little one much less stressful.

BabyBjorn are now selling these as the Original in Mesh and Active in Mesh.............the design is exactly the same just the name has changed.

The next released version is the Miracle carrier. This update to the Active model improves on the lumbar support so it is not so hot or cumbersome. The carrier is thinner and easier to wear as well as being suitable for carrying heavier babies and for longer. Being newer it is more expensive, so if money is no object then get this one - if not look out for bargains on ebay!

This model is called the Comfort Carrier. It has a substantial waist belt and was designed to carry your baby for much longer - but not from newborn. Babybjorn do not make this model any more. It was only available for a short while before being replaced with the One

The very latest model from Babybjorn is The One

This very versatile carrier can be used from 0 to 3 years and in 4 positions as both a front and back carrier. The waist belt providing good support so you can carry a heavier baby more comfortably. Top of the range carrier.

Personally I would recommend the Active carrier in mesh (synergy) carrier. I like how easy it is to wash and dry - it always looks good and doesn't fade like the fabric ones. I think it offers better value for money if you are shopping on ebay than the later models but if you can afford the Miracle in mesh or the One then go for those instead.

I do thoroughly recommend you buy a Baby Bjorn carrier - I loved mine and it was one of the best baby items I bought - its money well spent if you use it and you can always sell it on ebay again once you have finished with it.

Hopefully this guide has helped explain the different models - if it has please vote yes below - and good luck with your ebaying.

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