Buying a Boat & Outboard ?

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Many people think about buying a boat for the summer months. 

However, you will need either some experience or knowledge first ! A boat is totally unlike a car & the risks of being uninformed can be very expensive or worse !

Stop & Consider ....

There is no such thing as a cheap boat, if a boat or motor seems too good a price - it probably is ! Cavat Emptor (buyer beware)

  • Where & what do you want to use the boat for ?
  • Check out comparable prices for a similar boat or outboard
  • Never buy a boat or outboard without inspecting first - hull must be sound, trailer roadworthy etc
  • Ask the vendor where used, servicing & repairs, has it been winterised? If a boat has been abused - YOU could be paying lots to put it right !
  • Beware of used trailers - has it been serviced in last 12 months, they can be expensive to repair or service if neglected
  • Request a sea trial if possible or at least hear the motor running, if the vendor won't oblige, think - why not?
  • If repairs are required, obtain prices & labour charges, then double the total, this will be nearer the true cost

to be continued......

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