Buying a Car through eBay - The Pro's and Con's !

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A Guide to buying a Car through eBay - The Pro's and Con's !


  1. Find your car and arrange a veiwing before the eBay auction ends.Check sellers feedback.
  2. After viewing the car and the seller shows all relevant documentation and your 100% happy with the sellers term etc get your bid on quickly so you dont miss out!
  3. At the end of the auction pay the seller the requested deposit through PAYPAL , this will cover you should you need to raise a dispute or claim.
  4. Upon collection of your winning car either pay via Bankers Draft or Cash , make sure though before you do this that all documents are once again present and correct.
  5. Ask the seller for a receipt  showing the full amount paid and to include any deposit paid via PayPal, remember your paying your hard earned CASH to a stranger so ask for a receipt and allow yourself and the seller to sign this receipt.
  6. Ask the seller to fill in the V5 with your details whilst your there so no mistakes are made and retain the V5 New Keeper Slip for yourself. At present, the DVLA are taking between 2-4 weeks to send the new keeper the V5 documents

          Once your happy with the sale then leave your Positive Feedback and vice versa.

If you follow the simple steps above your eBay car buying experience should be second to none.

Buying a car and not following these simple steps can be disaterous for the buyer. I have bought and sold a car a eBay and although I had a very pleasent experience when selling a car to a gentleman from Somerset who came to Manchester .I have also had a very bad experience when buying my present car.

At present my buying situation as almost come to an end , it's now 4 weeks on and the seller still hasnt sent the V5 to the DVLA - but , fingers crossed we have light at the end of the tunnel and I shall be hoping to see the V5 within the next 3 weeks.

All my problems which I have encountered could have been avoided if I had followed what I am preaching now. If a seller agrees to do something to the car once the sale is complete and they have had your money then make sure you get it all in writing and get it signed by the seller and yourself.

My recent experiences wont put me off trading on eBay or buying another car for that fact, but I shall be even more wary and not as trusting as I have previously been.


Hope you all have a very pleasent buying experience on eBay !!

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