Buying a Chinese or Indian made trumpet

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It is a brave seller that advertises that their trumpet (or any musical instrument) was made in India or China. There are NO professional standard trumpets made in these countries and No Teachers or reputable high street music stores recommend them. If you know any better please let me know and I will gladly update this guide.

Buying an unbranded one is like buying an unbranded car - you just wouldn't do it. Even if it was shiny there would be no guarantee to how it performs. If you did buy one and then wanted to sell it on, what do you think the resale value would be? Take a look at some of the sorry buyers who try to sell them on, they barely reach £10, and more often than not they describe how the valves only want oiling!!!   Rubbish, the valves are very, very poor and stick.

Some chinese or indian trumpets are branded with names that you would not find on an internet search for reputable trumpets; muso, cranes, stagg, tristar, selman and more. I have played quite a few of the naff trumpets sold on ebay and can say with authority that you might as well throw your money away than buy a trumpet made in india or china. Its the same with the most of the coloured ones that are shipped from the UK. I am sure that eventually they will learn how to make a good trumpet like the Japanese did 30 years ago. Now their musical instrument industry is still in its infancy,  is it really worth taking a risk?

Ask a trumpet player or trumpet teacher what they recommend (and why). There are some very good trumpet buying guides on ebay - read them, it may stop you making an expensive mistake.

NB. since originally writing this guide I have to say that I have played some of the Virtuosi student trumpets that are made in china and shipped from Northampton; I do not think they are as good as the Yamaha student trumpets but nevertheless are excellent value at under £80 for a Brand New entry level trumpet. I have been very impressed with their pocket tumpet, certainly worth the £59 I paid for it. I now have one of their black coloured  student trumpets that I picked up cheaply - a fantastic bit of kit for under £100.

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