Buying a Citroen Berlingo Van

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DON'T buy it from UKSALVAGE 2010!

I purchased this van from them, it has faulty 3rd gear yet was described as 'drives ok' and non working radio cassette where he advertised a CD .
In addition after travelling for 9 hours to collect it he now claims he was not paid in full, I paid £360 in cash to his employee and took possession of the vehicle and papers. I have never in 35 years of motoring been able to take away a vehicle without having paid for it and this claim of non payment was malicious and designed to inconvenience me to the maximum. Perhaps this is even his intention as complaining gets the transaction completely removed so he keeps his 100% record and no one can see the bad feedback left about his tricks, This is not the way to do business and a very bad way for Ebay  to solve the problem!
What did I do to deserve this disgusting behaviour? I let him know I was not happy with his description of the vehicle and its accessories as per his Ebay listing. When I refused to give my number he put this non paying bidder notice in place since I am not prepared to argue with him. All I wanted was to be dealt with honestly and fairly, as I had with him. I was also accused of making threats on the phone when I haven't called him since the 29th of September when I collected the vehicle, the man is a lunatic. (I have the phone records to prove this statement.)
I am a 35 year veteran of motoring and have bought, sold, done up and repaired many, many vehicles from motorcycles to HGVs, A City & Guilds qualified Motor Vehicle Diagnostic Technician with 3 passes and a credit in TRANSMISSION, so I think I know what I am on about!
All I wanted was a contribution to the cost of the gearbox and to be able to buy a CD Player from another Ebay seller that provides a VIN decode so it will work with the van, rather than the one he sent, which may well have come from this vehicle in the first place but trust is something this guy won't ever get from me!


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