Buying a Classic Saab/ Mercedes?

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If you are thinking of buying a classic car from the trader/s operating under the following user Id's think carefully...dbj400/190evo2/tur130......Check carefully their feedback, look at the add structure, location and read the guide by..8280steve.

I had a similar experience with dbj400 where I wished to return the car as the condition and history were not at all what was described. He refused! Some buyers cannot view the car and rely solely on feedback and phone calls. In my case information to do with servicing was provided by phone calls and emails. My email question did not appear for other potential bidders to view which I find quite telling. The service receipts and recent history proved false.Trading standards and the Wiltshire police were spoken to and I was encouraged to take it further but from here in Ireland it was not practical.

I had a lengthy email from 8280steve whose guide says it all. Two other buyers I spoke with recounted similar dealings. SO BEWARE...!

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