Buying a Dell Laptop on eBay

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If your looking to purchase a Dell laptop on eBay please read this guide as there are many sellers selling Dell laptops making outrageous claims and bending the truth!

I have purchased many Dell laptops over the years and have realised some sellers would say anything to make a quick buck. This is why I have decided to write this guide to warn eBayers what to look out for:

1. Watch out for eBay sellers claiming to be 'Authorised Dell Resellers' or 'Dell Partners' - There is no such thing, Dell do not have 'Authorised Resellers' or 'Partners' (I have contacted Dell and they have told me themselves). The sellers claming these ridiculous lies are buying from Dell Factory Outlet and reselling the laptops on ebay, most of these machines have cosmetic faults and/or have been used before being returned to Dell.

2. Every Dell business range laptop has a unique 'Service Tag Number' (Serial Number), the Service Tag can be used to check warranty status of Dell Laptops ie. when the warranty expires or if the laptop has been purchased from Dell Factory Outlet. If a seller has purchased an Outlet machine, the online check would say something like 'ebay refurb' or 'ecom refurb'.

Do not purchase a Dell Laptop (Business or home range) without a Service Tag Number as it could be lost or stolen etc.

3. Normally all Dell business range laptops come with 3 years international warranty as standard, BUT some Refurbished ones DON'T! So do not assume when purchasing a Dell Business laptop that it will have the 3 year warranty, ask the seller to email you the service tag number so you can do an online check or call Dell customer support.

4. Beware of unscrupulous sellers who do not state the exact date of warranty expiry, the warranty for all Dell laptops start as soon as they leave the Dell factory! Always ask sellers to provide the warranty expiration date if not listed in the auction, sellers who refuse or ignore the request clearly have something to hide!

5. The warranty for your Dell laptop does not automatically transfer to the new owner. The seller will have to email the buyer the original purchase details registered with Dell in order for you to claim ownership/warranty. This can be done online in less than 5 minutes (provided you have the correct information from the seller). Failure to transfer the ownership/warranty may result in you not being covered by Dell's warranty!

Safety is paramount when purchasing a high value item as a laptop. Personally, I would suggest to all buyers to pick up the item with cash - paypal is not a safe option as there are many scammers who list non existent items, once you pay them with paypal you will never see the goods.

I have tried to point out the key elements to look for when purchasing a Dell laptop so you know what you are buying and possibly how the machine was acquired ie. ebay refurb.

Please feel free to send me your questions/queries about purchasing a Dell business laptop on ebay.

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Safe Trading, Bhuju

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