Buying a GOOD QUALITY Indoor RC Micro Helicopter

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This is a guide for purchasing entry level, sub £50 micro helicopters.

As an online retailer of Indoor Micro RC Helicopters we have received many similar questions regarding fake copies and how to avoid them, Hopefully this guide will help guide you on your purchase of one of the popular, genuine, entry level RC Helicopters.

After 4 years selling these amazing, fun machines  Crazyfruitbat have plenty of experience about which are the most reliable models and which to avoid. We mainly now stock RC Helicopters from two suppliers: Silverlit and Interactive Toy Concepts. Between them they have a good selection of mainly Indoor Heli's and we feel provide the best performance and value for money. Having encountered most issues we can often suggest tips and tricks to sort the occasional minor problem out.

Silverlit Picoo Z Helicopter Series

We have been selling the Silverlit Picoo Z since it's launch in August 2006 and are proud to have been amongst the first few retailers in the UK to bring this ground breaking technology to our customers.

Since the launch of the original Picoo Z there have been several additions to the range such as the Special Edition Picoo Z models, the Boeing certified Picoo Z Apache and the best selling Picoo Z Sky Challenger battle twin pack.

Further developments have seen the introduction of advanced helicopter models such as the 3 Channel Picoo Z Atlas and the twin rotor Chinook style Picoo Z Tandem. The Picoo Z has also incredibly been shrunk to around 60% of it's original tiny size to create the truly pocket sized Picoo Z MX-1 Extreme, the world's first rc helicopter to fit inside it's own handset!

Blade Runner Helicopter Series

The Blade Runner series of Indoor RC Helicopters from Interactive Toy Concepts has been in development for many years, concentrating on their patented co-axial rotor system which has often been imitated but never equalled.

The Blade Runner Helicopter became the world's best selling Indoor Radio Controlled Helicopter after featuring on TV and in countless publications. It remains a popular choice with RC gadget fans the world over.

The twin rotor design helps create a stable hover and since the popularity of the Blade Runner several impressive additions to the series have been introduced under the name Air Rage. Considerably smaller than the Blade Runner is the Micro Mosquito, a 3 channel 'Mechanical Insect' with glowing green eyes. The Micro Mosquito from Interactive Toy Concepts has had many imitators which has resulted in confusion as to which is the real product.

Similar to the Blade Runner is the Blade Runner Rescue Chopper which is smaller and has the benefit of a portable recharger. An element of skill is involved with the addition of an soldier in need of rescue by means of a 'rope' strung across the helicopter's skids. Similar in size is the striking Blade Runner 3, effectively a 3 channel version of the Rescue Chopper it can fly backwards as well as forwards.

Keen to develop a truly Micro RC Heli, ITC released the popular Black Ghost Helicopter, a 2 channel, Mini Helicopter similar in size to the Picoo Z but featuring the Blade Runner style co-axial rotor technology. The Blade Runner Nano 3 channel Micro RC Helicopter was released a few months later to cater for gadget enthusiasts looking for a Micro Heli with co-axial rotors and the benefit of 3 channel manoeuvrability.

Rest assured, we will continue to be at the forefront of exciting Micro Indoor Helicopter advances and continue to add the latest developments to our range.

Please visit our shop to see the full range of Indoor RC Helicopters.
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