Buying a Genuine Klaus kobec Watch

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Well we all want to get a bargain don’t we! But how do we know we are? Well to start with can you see the warranty card in a picture? Can you email the buyer with and problems or concerns you may have, and they answer within a few hours?
To start with how cheap is the watch? Ok we all know you can get a bargain 60% of the time, can you return the watch if it’s not what you paid for? Many Questions you should ask when spending £10 £20 or £250 it doesn’t matter at the end of the day how much you pay along as you are happy!

Is the picture clear?

Can you see the seller has taken them? More things to think off
Klaus Kobec Watches are a 100% Genuine Watch Maker all of the watches come with a serial number they are never the same! Is the seller willing to send pictures of the watches with the serial number not the same? This number is very important as you can phone Klaus Kobec and ask if the number is real!
This is just a few points to check out when you’re buying any watch really, but you should check when spending a few hundred pounds! I hope this helps and if you’re not sure email a Question to us and make sure you playing for the real thing!

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