Buying a Genuine Rolex Watch

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This guide is designed to help you to buy a genuine Rolex watch.

There are many freudsters out there in Ebay land, who will happily see you part with your money for a cheap Rolex copy, or even nothing! There are some simple rules that you MUST adhere to if you are to be successful in your transaction.

First you must not answer or even read emails regarding sales of Rolexes unless the email is inserted in 'My eBay Summary. Some of these emails look very professional and you can easily think they are from eBay. THEY ARE NOT. Ignore second chance offers unless they are in your 'eBay Summary.They will often tell you your account is to be suspended, unless you follow the 'sign in' link. If you do this you will be giving someone your password.Watch out. The consequences are dire to say the least.

When you see an item for sale there are particular things to watch out for. Nobody sells a Rolex Masterpiece for a few quid. Don't use 'Buy it Now' unless it has a realistic price. Check the feedback. Never buy an expensive item from someone with little or no feedback. If they have plenty of feedbacks, check them. If they are for small cheap items they are probably 'bought'. If they are all from one or two repeated sources they are 'fixed'. Look for items similar to what you are buying. Try to find sellers that have at least 99% positive feedback. If an item is ending soon and you don't have time to check the feedbacks. DON'T BID. There is always another bargain around the corner! If your looking at the item's pictures and you know a genuine Rolex from a fake, remember that a genuine picture can be posted. Even if there is a picture of the movement, these can be copied from a lot of sources.It does not mean the item is genuine. Never bid for a Rolex if you are new to eBay. Search for some small cheap items that you need first. Get the hang of things before venturing into expensive land. Always look at where the item is coming from. you will see some countries that pop up regularly with cons. It would not be fair for me to name such countries, not everyone in China for instance is a cheat, but you will soon get the idea. An eBay power seller will have the logo next to their details on the top right hand corner, DON'T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE. Don't be fooled by 'this was my grandad's watch.' I doubt if it was.

Remember, if you follow these simple rules, you will have a good time. Ebay try very hard to stop these freuds and most items are genuine. 

Barry. coinsandwatches 

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