Buying a Playstation 3 on ebay

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1.Searching I have found the best search to be "PS3" in the video games; consoles and systems; sony plantation 3. Avoid any thing that's info and that has a delivery price of under £1 and over £15. These are usually scams. 2.Biding/buying Once you have found the perfect PS you are ready to bid. the average selling price is about £100 so give that as your first maxim bid. If the you are outbid by a bid exceeded £100 walk away and look for a similar auction. 3.Winning If you win pay will paypal A.S.A.P this will guaranty the product arrives as soon as i can 4.Buying accessories Here are the best accessories, links to the best searches and tips for what to look for Controllers: only buy official sony wireless six axis. Cooling: helps to maintain a constant temperature prolonging your Pus's life, you shouldn't pay more than £3 for one. PS2 converters: An essential and go for less than a pound Bluray remotes: for if you can be bothered to use the six axis
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