Buying a Real North Face jacket

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I bought a woman's North Face jacket from ebay last year.  I was very dubious about whether or not to buy from ebay, especially given all the fake TNF jackets on here.  However, I did my research and bought from  I got an excellent price on a jacket, and even with the import tax, I still had a real bargain.
Through researching (on ebay) what to look for when buying TNF, I have drawn up a few tips:

1) If buying new, try to buy from a shop/ store as opposed to an individual.
2) Look at what else they are selling - do they have a variety of TNF goods?  They should do if they are an official seller.  If they only have 1 type of jacket, in varying sizes, then I would steer clear.  Ask yourself why they don't have any other stock!
3) A decent seller will answer your questions - ask questions if you have concerns.
4) When I was reading up on how to spot a fake, the best tip I read was that if the shop/store doesn't sell a variety of outdoor gear, ask yourself why.  They should offer a variety of TNF items, plus other brands too.
5) TNF is a top of the range brand - if the price seems unbelievable, the jacket probably is a fake.  Don't fall for the 'excess stock', 'ex-catalogue' line!  This is rarely the case.
6)  My jacket came from a dealer who had written ebay reports on how to spot a fake The North Face jacket.  His store had a variety of stock, and they were very helpful.

I hope this helps a little!
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