Buying a Screw or Vane Compressor

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Buying a Screw or Vane Compressor.

I have 35 years of servicing and repairing these machines - probably working on around 500 different machines a year - so I get to see the good and the bad.

I have some fairly strong views on whats good and whats not and will do my best to give you a few pointers.

1) Always buy a reputable known make - I like Compair or Hydrovane.

2) New is ALWAYS best - Up to 10 year warrantty on Compair / Hydrovane.

3) If buying used buy the newest and best you can afford - there is no such thing as a cheap used industrial compressor - repairs will not be cheap.

4) Try to buy from a reputable dealer, small ones like us tend to give beter service.

5) The big dealers need big business and give out big invoices - be careful.

6) Be realistic about what you want and what you are going to pay.

7) Buy with a warrantty and things should be ok.

Finally a cheap, tired old machine for a few hundred pounds will be a nightmare and will drive you to desperation when you try to get it repaired.

Why is it that peple who buy old cheap machines expect to run them 24 hours a day.

There are basically 3 things to remember -

A) New is best.

B) Used but with warrantty should be ok.

C) Tired and cheap will me a nightmare.

Give me a call on 07904 - 471183 and I will try to help you.

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