Buying a Seiko Watch? - Warranty information!

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When buying a Seiko watch on the internet it is important to check a couple of things.
(1) The watch should have a 2yr warranty
(2) That the Seller is not selling cheaper imports
(3) Authorised Seiko dealers are not allowed to retail on Ebay.

All geniune UK Seiko models will come with a 2yr manufacturers warranty if new.  The Blue Seiko guarantee card will also have the country or origin in the background, (in a code format - that only Seiko can understand)

You will often, particularly on Ebay, find people selling brand new Seiko Watches for a fraction of the RRP, but you will notice they will only offer 1yr warranty on these products.

The difference on these is subtle, 1yr International Seiko warranties are geniune Seiko Watches with cheaper Singapore movements (which are generally considered inferior).  2yr UK warranties are geniune Seiko Watches with more expensive Japanese movements (almost as good as Swiss ETA movements).

Basically, these Seiko watches with 1yr warranty are inferior, lesser models! Also if you buy one, it will have a country code in the background of the blue Seiko guarantee card will mean that Seiko can trace where the watch has been imported from, and WILL NOT honour the guarantee if it is not a UK model.  This is the most important bit, if you DO NOT know where the Seller has imported these watches from, then your warranty is as invalid as it would be if it was written on the back of a BEER MAT!!!!

This means you might save a few quid in the first place, but you will get a watch that will break, your warranty will be invalid and Seiko will not touch it! meaning you quite frankly are screwed!

Hope this helps, Frankie (Watchmaker)

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