Buying a TV Remote for Big Hands

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Buying a TV Remote for Big Hands

Having big hands sometimes makes several otherwise simple tasks frustrating. And as TV remotes have accumulated more buttons and functions, their ease of use for those with large hands and fingers has rapidly deteriorated.

Luckily, several TV manufacturers provide some remote products which are oversized to help mitigate these problems. Additionally, some aftermarket TV remote manufacturers provide options tailored to those with large hands and little dexterity. But before beginning to shop for large remotes, buyers should take the time to actually measure their hands. Doing so helps those individuals more accurately size remotes to their personal use.

Some TV remote shoppers may want to consider shying away from retail electronics stores and shop online. Shopping online at websites such as eBay helps spare shoppers the considerable markup in price often found in most retail electronics stores. But whether online or in a store, buyers should shop for TV remotes based on dimensions, button options, and the type of remotes which are best for their needs.

Different Sizes of Large TV Remotes

There are generally two different dimensions which are significant to individuals with large hands looking for more substantial remotes: length and width, and thickness. For some individuals, even relatively small remotes can be used more effectively if they have substantial thickness, while for others, the length and width must be increased for optimum results. Those who are unsure of what size remotes are best suited to them can benefit from measuring their hands before beginning to shop.

Length and Width Dimensions of Large TV Remotes

TV remotes sized for those with large hands are generally found in select few common sizes. For a quick overview of the different sizes people are likely to encounter when shopping for large TV remotes, look over the chart below.





5 cm

15 cm


6.5 cm

24 cm


12 cm

28 cm

Some manufacturers supply remotes outside of these standard sizes. Unfortunately, those who prefer more boxy remote controls vs. longer, rectangular options may find their options limited, especially if they prefer remotes with a large number of buttons and functions.

Finding a TV Remote Control to Fit Hand Width

The width of hands is found by using a measuring tape. Individuals simply place one end of the measuring tape on the side of the first knuckle and loop it around the back of the hand at the widest point, just across the knuckles. Half of this measurement is ideally the smallest width limit at which to consider purchasing a TV remote. It is recommended that most individuals try to purchase TV remotes one or two centimetres wider.

Thicker TV Remote Controls

Remote control users who have a difficult time grasping small remotes controls may want to consider using remotes with more girth. This serves to occupy more of users' hands, making remote controls relatively small in other dimensions feel larger. Buyers should note that as a general rule of thumb, the thickness of TV remotes generally vary depending on the type of batteries employed by the remotes. Remotes featuring AAA batteries are thicker than those using small button-type batteries. Those TV remotes which feature AA or larger batteries are likely to be thicker still.

Button Options for Large TV Remote Controls

Those looking to fit TV remotes to their bigger hands should consider the size and amount of buttons on the remotes before purchasing. This quality is often just as important as the physical dimensions of remotes controls, as individuals with big hands are likely to struggle if there are a large number of very small buttons taking up most of the large remote surfaces. For those with massively large hands and little dexterity, a combination of large and less buttons is recommended.

TV Remote Controls with Less Buttons

In general, it is recommended for those with big hands to consider buying remotes with less buttons.  Doing so offers increased space between buttons and a reduced likelihood of accidentally pressing the wrong buttons, or several buttons at once. To help determine how many buttons are optimum, buyers may want to take stock of the most commonly used buttons on their current remote controls before buying replacements.

TV Remote Controls with Large Buttons

For those who cannot find TV remotes adequately sized to their bigger hands, one option might be to find remotes with large buttons. Larger buttons are better sized to the increased finger pad width of large hands. There are a few different options available in terms of TV remotes with large buttons.

Different TV Remote Types

When individuals with big hands have decided what dimensions and button options they would like for their new remote controls, it is time to determine which type to buy. Remotes are categorised into types based on their range of functionality and any associated special features. Remotes come in many different varieties, including specialised, universal, programmable, and learning remotes.

Specialised TV Remote Controls

Specialised remotes are generally programmed to function with only one piece of electronic equipment, such as a computer, monitor, or audio system. Because of their specialised nature, these remotes usually have many buttons to assist with fine adjustments. Specialised remotes are generally brand-specific. Specialised remotes are therefore usually relatively expensive compared to other types of remotes.

Universal TV Remote Controls

As the name implies, universal remotes are able to function universally through different pieces of electronic equipment. This allows users to control devices like televisions, DVD or Blu-ray players, and audio systems, all from one remote control. Universal remotes are offered by both major electronics brands and third-party manufacturers, and because of this, they are oftentimes a very affordable option. Some universal remotes require initial programming to make them compatible with various pieces of electronic equipment.

Programmable TV Remote Controls

Programmable remotes allow users to programme complicated functions into the remotes. This is called creating a "macro", where users can instruct remotes to complete several different code combinations or button presses with the selection of a single button. For example, if users slide a DVD into a DVD player, they can opt to programme one button to act as both the "play" button for the DVD player and the "on" button for the attached TV. Users can even programme remotes to adjust the volume to a specific level. Programmable remote controls are typically more expensive than most other varieties of remote controls, and they are recommended for those with at least a modicum of technical know-how.

Learning TV Remote Controls

Learning remote controls are essentially like universal remote controls, with one key difference. Where universal remote controls must often be programmed by the users to respond to the frequencies of various electronics, learning remote controls 'learn' the frequency used by simply interfacing with the machine's existing control. This is done by pointing the two remote controls at each other and clicking a select few buttons on each. Because of this process, learning remote controls generally feature a higher success rate than universal remote controls. However, they are also typically more expensive than universal remote controls.

Buying a TV Remote for Big Hands on eBay

To buy a TV remote control sized for big hands on eBay, first locate the search bar found on any of eBay's web pages. Click the search bar and type in the words or terms which together describe the TV remote best suited to your needs, then press enter. Creating a relatively general search ensures that you get the most possible results available. Some examples include, "extra large universal remote", "large TV remote", and "jumbo TV remote control". Once you have the list of available items, you can choose to organise them based on several different qualities, such as by manufacturer, price, or even proximity to your location.

If you would like to ensure that the remote control you are looking at is functional with your TV system, you may want to communicate directly with the item's seller. To do so, find and click the "Ask a question" button found on the item's listing page.


Buying TV remotes for big hands is relatively easy by any standard. First, shoppers should measure the width of their hands, as well as the width of the pads of their fingers. Potential buyers should look to purchase remote controls which are at least half as wide as their hands with buttons as close to the width of the pads of the fingers as possible. In many cases, buying remotes with large buttons is just as effective for individuals with large hands as buying remotes with larger dimensions.

Relatively few retail outlets and high streets shops sell TV remotes, much less oversized varieties. People looking to purchase remotes sized for large hands may have better luck shopping online. Websites such as eBay not only offer such finds, but often have a considerable selection. Some shoppers may even be able to find perfectly sized remotes for their needs at bargain prices.

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