Buying a Tarot or Angel Reading

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Before clicking on that 'buy-it-now button, you might want to consider a few points:

1.  Do you have a specific question?  If you ask for a general reading...that that is what you will probably receive, which may not be what you really wanted.  If you have questions relating to career, then ask for a career reading...or love, property, finance etc.  The reader will be able to focus properly on the area you want covered, giving clearer guidance.

2.  How much is the reading?  Now I don't wish to disparage other readers - but a reading costing very little may not (I say may) not actually be very good...

3.  Are you looking for a 'Mediumship' reading?  Then make sure the reader is actually offering this!

4.  Do you have an email address that will accept attachments - a lot of readers offer their readings now in this form.

5.  READ THE FEEDBACK!  The best readers will give you testimonials and/or feedback to reassure you of the quality of their readings.

6.  How long will the reader take to perform your reading?  If you are hoping for a speedy result, you may need to make sure the reader is able to comply with this!

7.  Does the reader offer any extras in the form of additional information, photo's of the spread etc.?

8.  Are you familiar with Tarot and Angel cards - or do you need some information before you start?  The listing should tell you this - or the reader should be happy to help you.

9.  This will sound a bit picky - but is the listing written in good english with proper punctuation and spelling?  If not, this is an indication of the type of reading you may receive.

10. Lastly, remember that a reading is only ever guidance - not written in stone; you should always consider carefully the ramifications of any actions you take...and the only one who holds the responsibility for your actions is you!

Angel Blessings
Michelle (pennymoon8)

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