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Hi all, this is a quick update on all ebayers and future buyers that are willing to market themself's in Internet history. When I started back in 2001 buying websites and understanding the whole concept it was very difficult, and there was not much help to guide myself as well as others the way. But regardless of the past I am here to share information that can help you to success. When buying a website its very understandable how you could be lead by advertising and how people tend to lie about the income and the future of the site, so you have to put your back into doing some research before pursing your purchase. Look at some of these quick tips:

  • Check if the domain is fresh or has history, simply type the url into google, msn, yahoo and try to see where this domain has been and how many links it has in its back pocket. Reason being is domains with age and links also effect how many visitors come in and if it has truly made its place in the search engines.
  • Google Page rank - This could intermittently help you increase your way people search for your website or domain through google's complex algorithm's I found this important and quite demanding.
  • Fresh content - A website with fresh and unique content always brings in visitors and also those lovely bots from google and yahoo which help you raise your status in search engines.
  • Income - Its important to understand how you make your income and if you can achieve to reach targets and audiences needs, there's nothing worse than seeing a website with adult content on a educational website, if you get my drift.
  • Hosting - Make sure when you host your website with a provider that you understand the fundamentals of how much space you need and your budgets, Ive been scammed many times hence the reason I built my own server's and help other users not to be scammed. If you are interested on seeing what I can offer then visit my site by typing in on google the key words "mariohost" this is an option for you too see how the hosting world works.
  • And last but not least checking the amount of links that your site is linked to and if it is relevant to your site, you do not want an educational site linking to an adult site even though they have high traffic doesnt mean you are going to get the neccasery audience you want.

I hope this guide has helped all of you understand the importance of purchasing a domain and website, also remember that most sites can be turnkey and make you money but there's nothing like being unique.


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