Buying a baby carrier - top tips

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Guide to buying a Baby Carrier on ebay: -

treat buying a baby carrier like you would buying a second-hand car.......with caution!

  • Research which make AND model you want before you buy
  • See if you think you can trust the seller by looking at their feedback - are they reputable?
  • If the seller says its new make sure they dont also say its been used - even once or twice still means its not new.
  • Be wary of sellers who have sold or have for sale multiple carriers at once who are implying they are their own personal ones. In my experience people who bend the truth in one area usually do in others too.
  • Sellers can make a bidders identity secret. Be wary of sellers who do this for items that noone would be embarassed to buy ie a baby carrier as it can be a way of covering shill bidding (artificially pushing up a selling price by bidding on your own items).
  • Is the seller knowledgeable, or have they just copied a load of text from a manufacturers website?
  • Sellers often use stock photos to show a carrier in use but you should not assume they are showing the same style or colour that they are listing as many times sellers get things wrong.
  • If a stock photo is used remember that the actual one you  are bidding on will not look as good (unless it is brand new!)
  • It is against ebay rules but some sellers copy someone elses photo to save having to take their own....this is always likely to cause problems because small differences in model can be very important to the buyer and not noticed by the slap dash seller who uses the wrong picture
  • If not detailed in the listing use ask the seller a question link to find out about age and condition
  • Think about resale value as a more expensive carrier now may well be cheaper in the long run
  • Go back to my 2nd point...its just not worth the hassle of buying from someone you cannot trust.

This may all be common sense, but will hopefully give you some things to consider and help you with buying a baby carrier and your ebaying generally. If you have found this helpful please take the trouble to click the YES button.

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