Buying a bag for School?

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Here are the 3 top tips

A school bag in vital to carry around things such as a pencil case, books and folders. This guide will help you purchase a bag that you like which also simultaneously provides comfort.

The first step in which a lot of young people in the deciding process of purchasing a bag is its looks, but a lot of problems arise from this. A different approach is from thinking about what year you are in and what your work load will be like. If you're going to have to carry a lot of books and equipment to lessons, you may consider purchasing a light, but sturdy bag with lots of space (e.g. a backpack) so that you can easily carry all of your books to lessons. Whereas if you only have a few books/ equipment, it may be sensible to purchase a smaller bag (e.g. a tote bag). In addition to this, get a bag in which other things that you bring to school can fit in e.g. water bottle, headphones etc.

The second step is purchasing a bag with a design you like. Bags come in various shapes and sizes so choose one that fits with your personality. Choose a convenient bag as it is most likely going to stay with you for the entirety of the year and possibly longer. If you love tote bags, get one but make sure it is suitable for your studies (e.g. if you have a lot of lessons make sure it is fitted). However, on the other hand, if you purchase a bag because it is practical, don't get suaded that the way people think about you will be altered because of the bag you wear - you are yourself and NOT your bag! 

Finally, have a look at how many compartments the bag has. If it has three or more compartments, it is likely to be a practical bag as it helps you to organise your books and equipment into sections (e.g folders, books and single sheets of paper), whereas if it has only two or less compartments, they are usually bags designed to be aesthetically pleasing with pockets for your belongings e.g. a purse/wallet and/or a phone. In addition to this, a front compartment is usually helpful for easy access to something in your bag.

I hope these top tips as well as others will be useful whilst you decide what bag to purchase! Happy Bag Searching!

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