Buying a guitar on eBay - buyer beware - warning!

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Just a short guide on buying a guitar on eBay - don't be drawn into a purchase you will regret!

1. No matter how comprehensive the listing's description of the item is, always contact the seller, and ask him specifically about condition, history, use, servicing, if there are any known faults, if he is going to post it, how it will be packaged etc.

2. If at all possible, see the guitar and play it before you buy it, either before the auction finishes, or by picking it up in person after winning the auction. This really is a must. If you are not happy with the guitar on picking it up, do not buy it.

3. If it is advertised as a classic instrument, (i.e. more than 20 years old, or rare), authenticate this before handing over any money. Take a knowledgable friend with you if you can, for moral support and a second opinion.

4. Try to pick the guitar up in person, having it sent by courier or the parcel service must be regarded as the last resort - even if the guitar is sent in a case.

Good luck, and enjoy your purchase - but be very careful - eBay is excellent, but not the safest place to buy a guitar. Be warned!


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